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Nicoleta is a Moldovan painter based in Portugal. She has been collaborating with the Brazilian magazine PISEAGRAMA since her studies at the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon and has done a series of illustrations for Uma Via Láctea de Galos by António Lobo Antunes.

Nicoleta uses different techniques in her work, such as painting, photography, drawing, engraving, and illustration. Her works have been exhibited since 2015 in the following exhibitions:
2016 – collective exhibition in the Casa das Histórias – Paula Rego – Cascais; 2017 – individual exhibition of engraving Gravura, Bichos e Engenhos – Lisbon, School of Fine Arts; 2017 – individual exhibition of drawing Singularidade Múltipla – SINTRA, MUSA; 2017 – Contemporary engraving exhibition – Novos Olhares sobre o Côa – Vila Nova de Foz Côa; 2018 – Art Madrid ‘18 – Madrid, stand B4 Arte Periférica; 2018 – individual exhibition – As Sandulescas – Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisbon; 2018 – Carmo, Chiado e as Aparições de Fusto: Transfigurações de um Mito nas Artes e na Esfera Pública – Lisbon, Spain, Poland, and France.

She has won several prizes for her paintings and drawings, namely: 2016 – 1st prize in the contest Infante D. Luís Às Artes – Salvaterra de Magos; 2017 – 1st prize in the contest Rainha Isabel de Bragança – Cascais, Casino Estoril; 2017 – Honorable mention in the contest Infante D. Luís Às Artes – Salvaterra de Magos; 2017 – 1st Prize of the 2nd edition of the Paula Rego Prize – Cascais; 2018 – Caixa Geral de Depósitos Prize – the best graduate student of the School of Fine Arts (bachelor’s degree) – Lisbon, School of Fine Arts.

At the moment, she is developing her personal projects in the areas of painting and drawing, and participates in various contemporary engraving projects.