Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre presents a sculpture by Reinata Sadimba

The presentation of the new piece of the Evoq project took place last June in the Vista Alegre store at the Interfranca shopping centre and was attended by 70 guests, including the renowned Mozambican artist.

With Nhoca Makonde, the author reflects the pulsating overflow of the utility area for communication, merging the body and spirit, in a meander shape (nyoka, in Makonde culture), full of sensuality, using the chromaticism of terra cotta, graphite grey and white from pounded limestone.

In the Evoq collection, the most talented sculptors reinvent their aesthetic and technical approach by working with porcelain - a constant challenge that translates into pieces of high artistic value, at the forefront of contemporary creation, evoking the most distinctive sensibilities and symbologies.

Consisting of line pieces that are limited to two releases per year, which may give rise to exclusive and numbered editions, Evoq reinforces the status of the brand as a cultural booster of universal vocation.