Vista Alegre

Lançamento da 12ª peça do Projeto Artistas Contemporâneos (PAC)

Oceanos (Oceans), an evocation of the seas and of the discovery of new worlds and cultures by the Portuguese, was recently presented in the Vista Alegre flagship store in Chiado, with the presence of the artist who described his creation as "a kind of a boat, with curved shapes, drawn with all my pictorial grammatical logic”, adding that "it is an ode to encounters, because Portugal’s history was made from encounters."

CAP started in 2008 and every year it launches two to three numbered and limited special editions, developed by internationally renowned artists. The process of selection of participants is extremely rigorous, and the materialization of the pieces is an extremely complex procedure, which requires extreme care in order to faithfully reproduce the author's vision in porcelain.

Eduardo Nery, Manuel João Vieira, Pedro Calapez, Joana Vasconcelos, Oscar Mariné, Nadir Afonso, Malangatana, Portinari, Armanda Passos, António Ole and Cruzeiro Seixas signed the first eleven pieces of this exceptional collection.

Oceanos (Oceans), by José de Guimarães, will be available at Vista Alegre stores nationwide and at vistaalegre.com