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It is with great pleasure that we share football player João Félix. dinner set “Trasso” by Vista Alegre. This collection was customized with the player's initials and Atletico Madrid’s jersey number. We hope that this collection follows every triumph moments of the star player in his new home in Madrid.
Vista Alegre wishes you great success!

Vista Alegre receives three Good Design Awards

For the third consecutive year, the design excellence of the products of this century-old brand was acknowledged by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Vista Alegre ended 2018 with an all-time record number of international design distinctions and prizes for the design of its products.

Vista Alegre closes 2018 with a record of 30 prizes
The Portuguese brand recently received three Good Design Awards ending the year with a record number of international design distinctions and prizes. Vista Alegre ended 2018 on a high note and with a record number of international design distinctions and prizes for the design of its products.

Vista Alegre opens its first flagship store in a shopping mall
The Portuguese porcelain brand Vista Alegre opened a new concept store in NorteShopping. With 500 square meters of space, this is the century-old Portuguese brand's first flagship store in a shopping mall.

OLI and Vista Alegre challenge perfection
OLI challenged Vista Alegre and “Moon Black” was born. A control panel in black porcelain, with a clean aesthetic and sleek form, where the black highlights the beauty of the piece.

Vista Alegre internationally awarded
The Utopia tableware set and two lamps from the E2H – Earth to Humanity collection by Ross Lovegrove were distinguished by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design with one of the oldest awards in the world: the Good Design Award.

Vista Alegre in Paris with a focus on lighting and furniture 18/01/2019
The Portuguese brand Vista Alegre committed to a bigger space at one of the biggest annual fairs of decorative items and homeware, the Maison & Objet, in Paris, for the first time presenting furniture and a new lamp collection.

Vista Alegre starts Exhibition on Musical Heritage
Vista Alegre, winner of the European Commission’s 2018 Regiostars Award, in the "People's Choice” category, presents a new temporary exhibition from 9 February to 14 April in the Vista Alegre Museum, with free entry, dedicated to the musical heritage of Vista Alegre’s Factory and Workers’ Quarter.

The history of Vista Alegre was built to its own “soundtrack” 16/02/2019
The exhibition shows the musical heritage of the renowned porcelain factory. There are over 150 years of history to the sound of a brass band, two choirs and a jazz band.

Vista Alegre with best results in recent years
Vista Alegre invoiced 99 million euros and made a profit of 6.5 million euros. The operating results for 2018 reveal that the company, with headquarters in Ílhavo, achieved a turnover of 99 million euros, with the foreign market accounting for 67% of sales – “The best performance in recent years”.

Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel Ílhavo - Luxury development
ESCAPAR Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel Ílhavo Luxury housing converted into a five-star unit. The old worker’s quarters of the porcelain factory have a new wing called “House of the Master Painters” with 13 rooms, decorated with original Vista Alegre heritage pieces, from artistic paintings to porcelain molds, and serves as inspiration for the decoration of the hotel’s different areas.

Franck Muller launches limited edition with Vista Alegre 18-03-2019
The watch case, crafted by Vista Alegre, is made with hand-cut, gold-painted crystal.

Ílhavo Vista Alegre with positive results in 2018
The results for 2018 with respect to Vista Alegre, based in Ílhavo, reveal an increase of 17% in turnover, totaling 99 million euros.


Vista Alegre designs Festival da Canção trophy
RTP invited Vista Alegre to develop a trophy that would bestow the laurels on the winner of this year’s Festival da Canção [Music Festival]. The TV station asked for the award to evoke the idea of a microphone. “The designer’s approach was to create a trophy that would come out of a symbiosis of key technical elements of such a type of microphone with crystal, noble wood, pure and transparent that would make it one of a kind.”

Vista Alegre is recognised by the Good Design Awards
This year, Vista Alegre was awarded with three prizes by the Good Design Awards. Gazelle, Poison and Lavish were the collections distinguished at the event promoted by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.


Vista Alegre re-elected Superbrand and wins two Iconic Awards

Vista Alegre is re-elected Superbrand and wins two Iconic Awards, as the distinct Portuguese brand closes 2017 with three more prizes. With almost 200 years of history, Vista Alegre continues to deserve the trust and preference of national consumers and to be recognized internationally for its design and innovative character, ending the year with yet even more honors: the Portuguese centenary brand of porcelain, crystal and glass was re-elected for the seventh consecutive year.

The Vista Alegre porcelain factory pays tribute to its craftsmen and technicians

The centuries-old Vista Alegre factory has decided to pay tribute "to all those who work behind the scenes of the brand", which it considers the "guardians of the secrets of the art of porcelain, crystal and glass". Craftsmen and technicians left the industrial universe of Ílhavo and Alcobaça complexes for the pages of the brand new gift catalog 2017-2018 and ads of the multi-media advertising campaign for Christmas.

Vista Alegre design distinguished at the German Design Awards

Several collections of Vista Alegre crystal were distinguished in the German Design Awards 2018. The Vase Garland received German Design Award 2018 Winner. The pieces Frosty, Oz, Piet and Precious received Special Mention. The collection Calçada Portuguesa was also distinguished in Germany, making this the most internationally awarded collection of the brand this year.

Vista Alegre Crystal shines abroad

Nine collections of the centuries-old brand were distinguished with "German Design Awards", the most prestigious awards in the sector. With the "consecration of excellence in the design” of “Vista Alegre" in the art of porcelain, it’s the moment for the long-standing brand crystal pieces to "shine" in the most prestigious international awards in the sector.

Porcelain with Portuguese personality

Madrid was recently the creative stage of Vista Alegre, which launched a challenge to one of the greatest designers of the world - Jaime Hayon - to develop a collection of works of art entitled Folkifunki.


The colorful elements and the irreverence of the drawings make this collection stand out with distinctive, modern expression.


The Spanish designer and artist was inspired by Portuguese folklore as well as the ancient popular tradition from various regions of the country, like the silk and gold embroidery from Castelo Branco or the vibrant colors of the Caretos masks from Trás-os-Montes. His vision of Portugal is reflected in every detail.


From the drawing of the human characters to elephants and chickens, blue, red, green and gold are the predominant colors in this collection that also bring a pinch of humor into the image.

Vista Alegre celebrates the Centennial of Fátima

To commemorate the Centennial of the apparition of Our Lady of Fátima and the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Portugal, Vista Alegre has launched "four memorable pieces that mark this important year for all devotees of Our Lady of Fátima", says the brand.

Vista Alegre wants to paint glass with nanoparticles

The project DecorGlass has been developed by Vista Alegre Atlantis in conjunction with the University of Aveiro. This project represents an investment of 1,030,000 euros, with an additional 596,000 euros in financial support, aiming to develop a new range of pieces of decorated glass, with colourating evenly distributed on glassy mass.

Vista Alegre presented new pieces in the Maison & Objet and Ambiente Fairs

Keeping on with a tradition of several years, Vista Alegre presented at the fairs Maison & Objet (Paris) and Ambiente in Frankfurt, showcasing its new creations.

Among the new pieces of Vista Alegre 2017, new table services include: “Folkifunki” by Jaime Hayon, “Rêveries” by Christian Lacroix and “Gold Exotic", delighting thousands of visitors to what is considered one of the main international events in decoration, design and home trends. However, novelties were not limited to the pieces in porcelain.

In crystal, highlights on the bar collections “Vinyl” and “Podium”, as well as the decorative pieces “Garland”; In the glass sector, the famous goblets “Bicos” are worthy of mention, reinterpreting with new and original touches of colour, alternating between the stem and the bowl of the “goblet”.

Regarding decorative porcelain pieces, Vista Alegre presented “Precious”, pieces that bring together the novelties of the longstanding Portuguese brand which will be launched during the year of 2017.

Once again, the stand of Vista Alegre stood out for its design, originality and differentiation of porcelain, glass and crystal pieces which no one could ignore. Vista Alegre will also show at Tabletop in the USA.

Vista Alegre returns to profits 5 years later with a result of 1.7M Euro in 2016

In 2016, Grupo Vista Alegre went back to profits after five years, registering a net profit of 1.7 M Euro.

"Reversing the negative cycle of results, the consolidated net result was of a significant 1.7 M Euros, representing an increase compared to the same period in 2015".

Vista Alegre, a sponsor of 1st Women Summit

Vista Alegre was a sponsor of the Women Summit ’17, the first edition of a conference on gender equity, held in Oporto on the 7th and 8th of March under the theme Somos todos iguais [We are all equal].

Organized by ONE WORLD magazine to celebrate International Women's Day, the event gathered 36 nationally and internationally renowned women at Palácio da Bolsa in Oporto to debate important issues of our times.

Vista Alegre Museum, backdrop for fashion tv show

The Vista Alegre Museum, in Ílhavo, was used as the backdrop for shooting two episodes of the TV show “What’s up – Olhar a Moda”.

With worldwide coverage, this program was yet another precious promotion, close to the Portuguese people as well as to those within the international market, showing one of the Vista Alegre’s crown jewels – its magnificent museum.

The two programs shot at the Vista Alegre Museum included the visit to the Fábrica da Vista Alegre, led by Luxury Marketing students from the Universidade Católica.

Alma de Viseu” piece, from Vista Alegre, offered to Pope Francis at the Vatican 

Grupo de Cavaquinhos da ACRP – Associação Cultural e Recreativa Passilgueirense, from Passos de Silgueiros, municipality of Viseu, offered Pope Francis the piece “Alma de Viseu”, an under plate from Vista Alegre, evoking “The Soul of Viseu”. 

It is important to mention that "Alma de Viseu" is part of a Vista Alegre collection based on the most important cultural and historical icons of the larger Portuguese cities, as well as several cities around the world (Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Viseu, Madrid, Luanda, Maputo and Rio de Janeiro), which helps us discover landscape and architectural details defining the soul of the urban centres, their people, their landscapes and their traditions. 

Inspired by the rich history of the Viriato city, "Alma de Viseu" 'travels' through the narrow streets and ancient buildings, ending in its magnificent Cathedral, which overlooks the entire region from up above. The contemporary and relaxed design of the piece "Alma de Viseu" was created by Brazilian designer Beatriz Lamanna.

Vista Alegre opens the first outlet store of the brand within the metropolitan area of Lisbon

The Strada Outlet Odivelas shopping centre was the location chosen for Vista Alegre to open its first outlet store within the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Vista Alegre awarded with a Good Design Award

The jury of the Good Design Award, the most prestigious and oldest design award program in the world, has chosen the Vista Alegre crystal bottle Fénix from among 900 projects to bear the Good Design label, for its aesthetic richness, design impact and luxurious look.

The Portuguese brand stated that this award brings a magnificent year to a close in regards to international design awards awarded to Vista Alegre, strengthening the brand's commitment towards excellence and internationalization of its crystal products.

Celebration of the Bissaya Barreto House Museum’s 31st anniversary

For the 31st anniversary celebration, the Bissaya Barreto House Museum is holding an exhibition through the end of January. Among the many and valuable treasures are the first crystal pieces manufactured by Vista Alegre on display in the dining room.

Kaleido - Renewed kaleidoscope of Vista Alegre

Light reflected out of the Kaleido box seem as though coming out of a disco ball.

The piece, inspired by a kaleidoscope, is one of the new pieces of the Vista Alegre’s catalogue and the first one of the brand in crystal (this is a limited and numbered edition of 250.

Vista Alegre, yet another international prize

The Case and Whisky Decanter with the Gold Phoenix from Vista Alegre was awarded with the stamp “Good Design” during the American competition “Good Design Awards”. The piece, produced by injection, sandblast engraved and painted in gold (20.6 karats), shows a masterpiece of hand crafting, chosen due to its aesthetic richness, impact of design and luxurious creation.

Vista Alegre opens new store in East Timor.

The capital of East Timor will have a new Vista Alegre store, the first in Southeast Asia. The most prominent collections will be available in the store as well as a wide-range of products.

Quinta do Vallado releases 19th century Port wine

To commemorate its 300 years, Quinta do Vallado has just released a 19th century Port wine, which has aged for the past 120 years – since 1888—in 650-litre wood casks.

Each bottle of Vallado ABF Very Old Port is nestled in a sturdy wooden walnut case in which there is also a crystal decanter crafted by Vista Alegre using the traditional technique of hand blowing. The case comes with a commemorative book, tracing the history of this Douro vineyard from 1716 to the present day.

Vista Alegre welcomes 2017 with calendar plate

Vista Alegre enters 2017 on the right foot with the launch of an innovative annual collection of calendar plates. The Portuguese brand of porcelain, glass and crystal reinvents the counting of days and years, and lifts the normal old calendar, part of everyone’s daily lives, to the status of a wished-for decorative object.

Vista Alegre keeps its Superbrand stamp – Trustworthy brand


Vista Alegre continues to be one of the Portuguese Superbrands, according to the list of 36 national consumer brands released in our country. The century-old glass and porcelain brand of the Grupo Visabeira continues to be one of the favourites among the Portuguese customers.



Vista Alegre presented the Gift 2016-2017 catalogue and launched the Christmas campaign


Vista Alegre organised a meeting for two dozen journalists at the Zambeze Restaurante to present its new Gift 2016-2017 catalogue. The presentation coincided with the Christmas multimedia campaign. "Porque o Natal Permanece" [Because Christmas carries on] is the advertising moto created by Bang Bang agency for the century-old brand of the Grupo Visabeira.



Vista Alegre to open its first store in India in 2017


Pursuing its ambitious international expansion project, Vista Alegre is planning to open its first store in India during 2017. The news was delivered by company director Nuno Barra when presenting the new porcelain and crystal gift catalogue.



Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa offered a Vista Alegre piece to Queen Elizabeth II


President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, offered a Vista Alegre piece to the Queen of England, upon his official visit to the Buckingham Palace. The Portuguese Head of State gave the monarch the gift of a reproduction of a piece from the ancient Companhia das Índias collection. Besides this VA gift, the Queen was presented with a bottle of Port Wine as well.



Vista Alegre awarded with new international design prizes


The work of the Ílhavo company, Vista Alegre, was once again acknowledged in Germany by the "German Design Awards" jury. The collections "Orquestra" and "Trace" were awarded by the Design German Council.



Grupo Vista Alegre is the world’s most complete company regarding product offers


In an interview with the Mundo Português newspaper, Paulo Soares, commercial director of the brand, states that "Grupo Vista Alegre is the complete company when it comes to product offers”.



Real Companhia Velha launches a special wine on Vista Alegre crystal bottles


To celebrate its 260th year anniversary, Real Companhia Velha launched a unique 19th century Port Wine, called “Carvalhas Memories”. The special commemorative edition is numbered and limited to 260 Vista Alegre crystal bottles, handmade and decorated in gold paint with a design depicting the original copies of the wine company. Each bottle is sold at 2750 euros, and half of it, which is to say 130 bottles, is already available on the market.



Success stories of Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro presented at Exame


The purchase and recovery by the Grupo Visabeira of companies and brands such as Bordallo Pinheiro and Vista Alegre have led the magazine Exame to look at companies which have been given a second chance.

A report which helps us understand better this situation.



Vista Alegre launched a piece signed by Cargaleiro


Vista Alegre presented one of its last creations - a piece created by the painter Manuel Cargaleiro, integrated in the Projeto Artistas Contemporâneos [Contemporary Artists Project]. The centrepiece Ravello took Cargaleiro to one of his first passions - ceramics. The launch was held with the artist present at the Vista Alegre store, in the Chiado area of Lisbon.



The iconic Vista Alegre neighbourhood in Ílhavo presented in Visão


Visão magazine visited the iconic Vista Alegre neighbourhood, a unique workers’ neighbourhood in the area of industry on the European level. The magazine portrays and presents the space which lives hand in hand with the almost bicentennial porcelain factory of Grupo Visabeira.



Vista Alegre launched a collection celebrating Portugal’s victory in Euro 2016


Portugal champion of the European 2016 was the motto for the launch of a Vista Alegre two-plate collection. The special edition celebrates the recent victory of the European Football Championship by the national football team.



Paço Real – a new Vista Alegre service presented at the Palácio da Ajuda


Paço Real is the most recent service launched by Vista Alegre. The launch of this remarkable porcelain production was held at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda in Lisbon.



Lions Club de Ílhavo promoted Museu Vista Alegre


Lions Club de Ílhavo promoted a visit to the Vista Alegre Museum, aimed at advertising one of the main cultural institutions of the municipality. An initiative which should have new editions.



Museu Vista Alegre with a temporary exhibition on illustrations


Vista Alegre Museum, one of the jewels of the crown of the Lugar da Vista Alegre, in Ílhavo, hosts a temporary illustration exhibition, until the end of August. An opportunity not to be missed, which allows you to see a vast collection with almost 200 years of history of the Vista Alegre factory.



A new museum and renovated chapel at Vista Alegre


Diário de Aveiro (anniversary edition) highlights two areas at Lugar da Vista Alegre which were renovated. The morning newspaper recommends a visit to the new Museum and the renovated Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, a national monument.



Vista Alegre inaugurated its first store in Kuwait


Vista Alegre, a century-old porcelain, glass and crystal factory of the Grupo Visabeira, has just inaugurated its first store in Kuwait, within an international expansion process which the brand intends to explore. The store is the result of a partnership with a local investor - Jazeel International Trading Co.



The Sporting Clube da Vista Alegre fan group at TSF radio


When the Euro 2016 was being played, TSF radio station reveals small clubs which survive with reduced budgets. On tour around the country, the radio went to Ílhavo and portrayed Sporting Clube da Vista Alegre and its fans - Ultra Porcelana.



Vista Alegre and Atlantis come together as a single brand -Vista Alegre


As of this month, the crystal and glass pieces produced at Atlantis in Alcobaça will bear the Vista Alegre brand. The purpose of this process of turning the Atlantis brand into a single brand - Vista Alegre - is to increase the turnover of the crystal and glass business globally, due to the greater visibility of the Vista Alegre brand, which will allow for exploring important synergies In business processes, facilitating cross selling and entry into new channels and reaching new customers.

President of the Republic spent two days at Vista Alegre, in Ílhavo


The President of the Republic was at Vista Alegre, in Ílhavo. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited the entire area and inaugurated the new Vista Alegre Museum, the new Vista Alegre oven, the Ria Stone factory and the Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel. During the nearly two days of his stay in Ílhavo, the President of the Republic had the opportunity to learn about details of the production and the plants, including the former day care centre, which will become the Serviço Educativo de Manufatura e Pintura [Manufacturing and Painting Education Service]. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was delighted with Vista Alegre and all the surrounding areas, leaving words of encouragement to all who work in the company, but also some messages to the country, which were both economic and political.



Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro a partnership with Jaime Hayon


As has happened before, the names Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro have joined the name of a prestigious designer to create new pieces and collections. The one chosen this time is the recognized and award-winning Spanish designer Jaime Hayon.



Rui Reininho performed at a Vista Alegre launch at the Palácio do Gelo Shopping


Vista Alegre presented on the 14th of April, the seventh piece of the collection 1 + 1 = 1 called "chá, café e etc", inspired by the work of the same name by Rui Reininho and Armando Teixeira. After the launch of the pieces which took place at the Vista Alegre store on the ground floor of Palácio do Gelo Shopping, Rui Reininho presented a musical performance based on the poetry book. Armando Teixeira was in charge of sound.



Vista Alegre tableware on a luxury train on the Douro


The Douro railway will be animated with trips of the so-called "President's train", a train from days gone by which will carry on the riverside journey with all kinds of elegance. On the table dishes from a Michelin “starred” chef will be served on Vista Alegre tableware.



Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro awarded by Meios & Publicidade


The magazine Meios & Publicidade awarded two prizes to the Bordallo Pinheiro collection "Sardinhas by Bordallo" and to its display. Vista Alegre was awarded for the stand presented at the Environment Fair in Frankfurt.



Nuno Barra, Administrator of Vista Alegre interviewed for Expresso


Nuno Barra, Marketing and External Design Director of Vista Alegre, recently took on the position of administrator of the company. In an interview for the Economy section of the Expresso newspaper, he talks about his professional career and his vision for Vista Alegre, a brand that has helped along a large and important internationalization process.

Vista Alegre-Hotel, Factory, Museum and stores-in the Ir é o Melhor Remédio-SIC


The program "Ir é o Melhor Remédio", aired on SIC, dedicated a special program to Easter. Martim Cabral and Teresa Conceição presented two travel programs throughout the country. The former went to the border in the interior region, while the latter went to ílhavo. He stayed at the Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel, where he also had his meals and accompanied the chef on the way to the market.  He also visited the factory, the stores and the Vista Alegre Museum.

See parts of the program dedicated to Grupo Visabeira.



Jerez launches wine in Vista Alegre crystal bottle in the amount of 10 thousand euros


Vista Alegre has produced 100 crystal bottles for the Spanish company Barbadillo to bottle the wine Versos de Jerez. The nectar, which is over 125 years old, is the most exclusive Jerez of all time. Each bottle will be sold for a price of around 10,000 euros.



Journey to the Vista Alegre backstage


Vista Alegre seen from within is a report from the Fora de Série magazine. The work is the result of a "press trip" organized by the company for journalists who for two days were in Lugar da Vista Alegre to visit the whole area, including the Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel Hotel, where they spent the night.



Journalists visited Lugar da Vista Alegre, including the Factory and the Hotel


Two dozen journalists visited Lugar da Vista Alegre in Ílhavo and had the opportunity to learn about the porcelain-making process in the century-old factory, including having the experience of painting a plate. In this two-day program with accommodation at the Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel, the journalists invited by Grupo Visabeira visited the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, the Museum and Theatre, as well as VA and Bordallo Pinheiro stores. One of the visiting points was the ID Pool, artistic residences with young international designers who develop their creativity at Vista Alegre.



A neighbourhood to get to know the brand - Vista Alegre


The lugar da Vista Alegre in Ílhavo is a "unique" space which includes a Workers’ Neighbourhood, a Factory, a Hotel, a Museum, a Chapel and a Theatre, as well as three Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro stores. A mythical and historical place in Ílhavo, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists.



Vista Alegre Project Artistas Contemporâneos honours Júlio Resende


The 15th piece of the Vista Alegre Projeto Artistas Contemporâneos [Contemporary Artists Project] collection honours Júlio Resende. The porcelain vase has already been presented.



Program É para Exportar from CMTV dedicated to Vista Alegre


The "É para Exportar" CMTV program, aired on the 19th of December, was about Vista Alegre, a Grupo Visabeira company which exports 67% of its production. Correio da Manhã also covered this theme.

Singer Mariza signs Mouraria, a Vista Alegre collection


The fado singer Mariza is the author of the new collection Mouraria, a tea set, a drink greatly appreciated by the artist.

The tea set is already on sale at Vista Alegre stores and the online store.



Partnership between Gallo and Vista Alegre


Vista Alegre has just produced a plate specially made for tasting the Olive Oil, Azeite Gallo Nova colheita 2015. The plate is on sale along with a bottle of olive oil.



Vista Alegre once again named Superbrand


Vista Alegre was awarded for the sixth consecutive time as Superbrand. The choice was made by the Superbrand Board as well as by consumers.



Vista Alegre Atlantis awarded international design awards


Vista Alegre Atlantis products were awarded once again in the most prestigious international competitions celebrating excellence in design.

The piece "Printemps" has just received a "German Design Award", a prize awarded by the German Design Council, an organization which, for six decades, has been awarding the best within the design sector.



Vista Alegre festivities to honour Nossa Senhora da Penha de França


The annual Vista Alegre festivities in honour of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, patron of the century-old factory, are held in lugar da Vista Alegre with an extensive program, with a special highlight as the sale items, such as, for example, VA tableware.



Vista Alegre Atlantis in an Exame article


Exame magazine, in its August edition, presents a splendid article on Vista Alegre Atlantis and Bordallo Pinheiro, which belong to the same group.

Under the title "As novas caras da Vista Alegre", the newspaper article discusses several themes.



Diário Económico visited Atlantis in Alcobaça


Diário Económico devoted several pages to the Atlantis crystal factory, located in Alcobaça.

Under the title "Os artistas do cristal", the article highlights the fact that Atlantis is one of the few factories in the world whose entire manufacturing procedure is handmade.



Vista Alegre invests one million in Spain with stores in Madrid and Barcelona


Vista Alegre has reinforced its presence in Spain, a country where it already has a store in the capital city. This space was closed and the company opened a new store in another location. At the same time, Barcelona became acquainted with the century-old brand.



Atlantis manufactures a whisky bottle costing eight thousand euros


Vista Alegre Atlantis crystal factory in Alcobaça continues producing bottles in pure crystal with strong international recognition. The most recent production is for Glenrothes whiskey, with a market value of around eight thousand euros.



Vista Alegre Atlantis wins Lisbon qualification for the Expresso BPI Golf Cup


The team which Vista Alegre Atlantis registered at the Lisbon stage of the Expresso BPI Golf Cup won one of five qualifying events, obtaining a passport to play in September, the final semi-final for the national final, to be held in the Azores.



Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix launch Caribe


The partnership between Vista Alegre and the French house Christian Lacroix continues to produce positive effects. Within this scope a new collection has appeared. Caribe, presents a tropical exuberance, represented under the most varied of forms.



Vista Alegre Atlantis catalogue awarded internationally


The annual magazine of Grupo Visabeira, VLife Magazine, and Vista Alegre's 2014 Catálogo gift were awarded with international awards. Developed by Bang Bang, the creative agency of the Grupo Visabeira, the catalogue and the magazine were distinguished with silver trophies.



Vista Alegre Atlantis launches 14th piece of the project “Artistas Contemporâneos”


"Pastoral" is the 14th piece of the Vista Alegre Atlantis Projeto Artistas Contemporâneos [Contemporary Artists Project]. The bottle was created by the artist Roberto Chichorro, who decorated it based on paintings reflecting his Mozambican childhood. The launch took place during a seminar of the CPLP - Comunidade de Países de Língua Portuguesa [Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries], which took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

Vista Alegre opens new stores in Madrid and Barcelona


Vista Alegre Atlantis continues its international expansion, one of the goals set since 2009, when the company became part of the Grupo Visabeira. In Madrid, VAA's space was relocated to a new store, opening doors today. Soon, a store will open in Barcelona.



How Atlantis crystal pieces are made - Económico TV


Económico TV visited the Atlantis factory in Alcobaça, the only one in Portugal and one of the few in the world which produces pure crystal pieces. Get to know the whole process from A to Z, on this journey with the ETV. See the report here.



Vista Alegre launches  Oscar de la Renta collection


Vista Alegre Atlantis is committed to developing great partnerships with solid design names in a wide range of domains. This time the brand associates itself with Oscar de la Renta, creating a porcelain service.



Vista Alegre considered Excellent under the Brand Reputation Index


Vista Alegre obtained 80.1 points in the Brands Reputation Index, under the RepTraK Pulse 2015, by the Reputation Institute, which evaluates the level of admiration, confidence, preference and recommendation by the consumers every year.

The score obtained by Grupo Visabeira places Vista Alegre at the level of Excellence


Vista Alegre and Marcel Wanders sign international partnership


Vista Alegre has just signed a 5-year partnership with Marcel Wanders, a prestigious Dutch designer aiming at creating new collections. This connection reinforces the purposes of the century-old brand in combining tradition of nearly two centuries with the new tendencies of the international design".



Vista Alegre awarded with two international Product Design prizes


Vista Alegre continues to be awarded at the international level. This time the recognition came during the 60th edition of the international Product Design competition, which awarded the century-old brand with two Red Dot Awards, distinguishing the pieces "Plissé" and "Orquestra”.



Vista Alegre Atlantis an international prestige Portuguese brand


Vista Alegre Atlantis, a century-old brand established in Ílhavo, currently assumes a great international prestige resulting from many factors.

Nuno Barra, Marketing and External Design Director, writes in Portugal Global about this success inside and out of the country.



Portuguese exhibition in Washington includes Vista Alegre porcelain


The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC exhibits what is considered to be the largest installation of contemporary Portuguese art. In one of the most important spaces of the sector worldwide, the exhibition reveals Portuguese art, revealing a sophisticated image of our country. At this moment some dresses which incorporate fragments of Vista Alegre crockery are on exhibition.


Vista Alegre defined Brazil as a new expansion plan for 2015


After having recently opened its first store in S. Paulo, Brazil, Vista Alegre Atlantis plans expansion in that country for 2015, with the opening of more of its own spaces.

Nuno Barra, Marketing and External Design Director of the century-old brand, announces this on TSF radio station.



Vista Alegre Atlantis increasingly focusing on internationalization


Vista Alegre Atlantis, a century-old porcelain and crystal brand, which since 2009 is part of Grupo Visabeira, is increasingly focused on internationalization. In an interview for the Expresso BPI Golf Cup, published in the Expresso newspaper, Nuno Barra (Marketing and External Design Director) talks about sponsoring the competition and VAA’s main short- and medium-term projects.


Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa offered a Vista Alegre piece to Queen Elizabeth II



The President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, presented the Queen of England with a Vista Alegre piece during his official visit to Buckingham Palace. The Portuguese Head of State gave the Queen the gift of a reproduction of a piece from an old Companhia das Índias collection. Apart from this present of Vista Alegre, the monarch also received a bottle of Port wine.


Vista Alegre awarded once again with international design prizes


The work of the Ílhavo company, Vista Alegre, was once again acknowledged in Germany by the "German Design Awards" jury. The collections "Orquestra" and "Trace" were awarded by the German Design Council.



Vista Alegre with an elegant look at "Luxe Pack 2016" in Monaco

Vista Alegre participated for the third time in the "Luxe Pack", one of the most important luxury packaging fairs, which is held in Monaco. The event is aimed only at leading experts in packaging for luxury products, where the latest news from worldwide companies is unveiled.

Crystal bottles, including the exclusive cognac bottles "Louis XIII" as well as the famous "L'or" bottles by Jean Martell, were highly acclaimed and shone side by side with the "Rinascente" and "Fénix" bottles, from the Vista Alegre collection

Nevertheless, the pieces chosen were elegant mini-bottles aimed at the perfume sector, a market which the company wishes to break into. The stand received many visitors and the quality and innovative design of the glass was greatly admired, receiving praise from the professionals.


Monument to the Ovos Moles has a porcelain reproduction by Vista Alegre

Aveiro’s Ovos Moles [A delicacy of egg yolks and sugar] from Aveiro, the first certified sweet in Portugal, now has a monument in its honour. The sculpture, 12 meters long and 4 meters tall, bears the signature of the sculptor Albano Martins and is located in Largo da Fonte Nova in the city of the Ria de Aveiro. The initiative of the Confraria dos Ovos Moles, the brotherhood of this delicacy, led to the reproduction of the porcelain monument by Vista Alegre, and the traditional delicacy inspired the forms of the sculpture, as well as the pieces produced in the factory of the Grupo Visabeira in Ílhavo, a factory with almost two centuries of tradition.

The solution developed for the reproduction was agreed on, reproducing the essence of the most common forms of ovos molesthrough the nobility of "Biscuit" porcelain, which is so characteristic of Vista Alegre’s history. Ninety-nine copies of the monument were made using raw materials of great whiteness and purity, worked and fired at extraordinarily high temperatures, giving life to the seashell forms of the typical egg delicacy.


Vista Alegre participated in Equipotel’s 2016 edition in São Paulo

Vista Alegre participated in the 54th edition of Equipotel, one of Latin America’s largest and most traditional hotel and gastronomy fairs, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event brought together companies, professionals and investors in the areas of hotel, gastronomy, food and tourism products exhibiting and presenting trends, services and technological innovations. Also present were students and "opinion makers" from these sectors.

Making commercial contacts and sales transactions were two main points indicated by the fair promoters.

With a strong focus on Brazil in the hotel and restaurant sector, the Vista Alegre stand presented different products: Essential; Excellence; Contemporary; Signature; Forno Porcelana; Forno Grés; Accessories;bar and table, oenology, crystal; decorative porcelain and cutlery.

Vista Alegre constantly invests in producing lines according to needs of the hotel sector, with products that bring together contemporary design, technical innovation, functionality and high quality.


Vista Alegre reopens store in São Paulo and sponsors a golf tournament

Vista Alegre Brasil organized a cocktail party on the 15th of June for the reopening of its store in São Paulo.
The party showcased the renovated store that now has two new shop windows, specially decorated for the event, and exhibited the main collections of the centenary brand, much appreciated in Brazil.

Among the celebrities at the party was the Portuguese actor Ricardo Pereira, a celebrity highly regarded by Brazilians who are enthusiastic about his work, especially in the telenovelas produced there.


As expected, the actor's participation has generated great expectations after having had a very positive impact on the nearly 250 guests at the party, including artists, designers, architects, businessmen of various sectors, those in banking and many customers.


Vista Alegre presented the noble service "Paço Real" at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

Vista Alegre presented the dinner service Paço Real on the 13th of July, at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda (PNA),. This luxurious dinner service has great historical and cultural value, the result of a unique partnership between Vista Alegre and PNA. The pieces are inspired by a 19th century emblazoned service, belonging to the collection of the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda - a majestic building where the royal family lived from the reign of King Luís (1861-1889) until the end of the monarchy (1910). This service seeks inspiration in Portuguese historical and cultural roots in the 19th century, and updates them into the 21st century context.

With a noble decoration, colourful and beautiful, Paço Real presents gold matte and surprising hand painted elements from the skilful hands of Vista Alegre porcelain craftsmen. Paço Real brings the table of kings into the 21st century. The service has surprising and rich decoration, one of the hallmark services of the classic line of Vista Alegre.

Vista Alegre opened its first store in Kuwait, meeting its international expansion goal

Vista Alegre has opened its first store in Kuwait, the result of a partnership with 'Jazeel International Trading Co.'. The first store of the brand in the Arab Emirates is located in the most important commercial center in Kuwait, the "Salhia Commercial Complex Kuwait City"

The new store is an exquisite space which offers a wide range of Vista Alegre products, where classic and modern coexist and complement each other, surprising the demanding consumers of that Arab market. "Carrara", "Fiji", and "Timeless" are some of the collections that stand out in the newly opened store.

Vista Alegreis currently a global brand. During the first quarter of 2016, it exported 69% of its production and in the beginning of the year it hired 23 new country managers for geographical areas such as Mexico, Colombia / Chile / Argentina, Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, among other countries.

Vista Alegre exhibition at Castelo de Paiva


Organized by the Centro de Interpretação da Cultura Local de Castelo de Paiva (Interpretation Center of Culture at Castelo de Paiva) the Vista Alegre’s exhibition can be seen until the 10th of May, at the municipal area.

This exhibition aims to present different periods of production of the Vista Alegre factory, in Aveiro, as well as some of the innovations on recent years, regarding the contemporary production sector, namely “Séries Especiais Limitadas” (Special Limited Series) and “Parcerias com Artistas Plásticos” (Partnerships with Artists).

This exhibition is part of a partnership between Vista Alegre Museum and the Municipality of Castelo de Paiva. 

Vista Alegre celebrates Mother’s Day with the "Porto de Abrigo" plate


Vista Alegre is used to celebrate important dates, as such as the Mother's Day. This year the century-old brand launched the plate "Porto de Abrigo" by Ana Sofia Gonçalves.

Regarding the piece and its symbolism, the author wrote: "Mother ... a refuge of tenderness and affection. Quiet and peaceful, where we can seek shelter from any stormy or even quieter moments. This plate symbolizes a Mother's heart - huge, graceful and caregiver - encompassing all the love that is unique and that only a mother can give."

The piece can be bought on any Vista Alegre store as well as at the online store.

Vista Alegre at the "New York Tabletop Show" presented the 2015 new products


Vista Alegre participated once again in the "New York Tabletop Show" exhibition, held from the 14th and 17th of April in that North American city, having received many visitors.

Vista Alegre took the opportunity at Tabletop 2015, which is considered as the main fair within this sector in the United States of America, to present its new products.

Among other, stood out the new table services "Caribe" by Christian Lacroix, "Coralina" by Oscar de la Renta and also the new "Art Deco" collection, original creations of the brand where luxury and contemporary elements are present.

“Emerald” was also one of the new Vista Alegre "Art Deco" collection selected by Martha Stewart Magazine for its table at the FortyOne Madison. This is a permanent showroom in New York, where Vista Alegre has its own space to exhibit its vast porcelain and crystal collections portfolio.

Vista Alegre is awarded with two of the most important international awards and signs a partnership with Marcel Wanders


Vista Alegre lines “Orquestra” and “Plissé” were awarded with the famous "Red Dot Design Award", for the category “design product 2015”. Vista Alegre proved once more its excellence design receiving two awards in one of the biggest competitions in the world, held in Essen, Germany, which celebrated its 60th anniversary edition.

Signed by designers David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem, "Orchestra" won the second prize this year, receiving the disputed seal of quality "Red Dot". It is important to highlight that last January, the line won the coveted design award organized by Wallpaper magazine in the category "Best coffee and cake". “Orchestra" brings together different geometric models, developing the complexity of harmony and musical rhythms. Each trace, in different directions and densities, symbolizes discipline and excellence required to perform a symphony.

The line "Plissé" also won the desired quality seal Red Dot. The delicacy of flowing forms resulted in three unmatched elegant pieces, developed by Vista Alegre design team.

This year‘s "Red Dot Design Award" presented a record number of almost 5000 enrolments - a great deal of work for the contest’s judges, which thoroughly evaluated each product, due to the high quality level of the participants.

The "Red Dot Design Award" and the "Wallpaper" magazine's trophy won by Vista Alegre prove the reinvention capacity of a century-old brand which has become global and continuously invests in artistic partnerships with designers across the world, maintaining however, their traditional roots.
Renowned contemporary design artists, associated with painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and other art forms have lent their talent to many VA creations. Siza Vieira, Joana Vasconcelos, Patrick Norguet, Malangatana, Karim Rashid, Brunno Jahara, Carsten Gollnick, Sam Baron and the French brand Christian Lacroix, are some of the artists who were associated with Vista Alegre.

Meanwhile, Vista Alegre has just signed another major international partnership, this time with the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. This five year partnership will allow the creation of new collections with a completely new design, and a decorative line which combines boldness to centuries-old tradition of the Portuguese brand.

The first collection will be presented in 2016 during the highly regarded fair Maison & Objet, in Paris.

Vista Alegre tableware used in São Paulo’s restaurant, in Brazil


Vista Alegre tableware is present in the most recent business project of the well-known Portuguese chef Vítor Sobral.

Indeed, when the renowned chef decided to open in S. Paulo, Brazil, the restaurant Taberna da Esquina, he desired to honor the national chef, and once again, he chose Vista Alegre products, which have a huge acceptance and are well-known in Brazil.

For Vítor Sobral, tascas and tabernas (taverns) are "Portuguese institutions, social institutions, where the wine and the grill are the reasons for any gathering event".

Even after opening the Taberna da Esquina, in São Paulo, the chef maintained the partnership with Erica Maierà and Edrey Momo to launch the new concept.

In the new space decorated with inspiration from the old taverns, with barrels on the walls and cork counter and stools, the chef presents classic recipes of traditional taverns, highlighting the snacks on the grill, fried and canned snacks. The wine served is also Portuguese.

The partnership between Vítor Sobral and Vista Alegre lasts for several years, and the chef has signed one piece of the "chefs’ collection". 

Portuguese dress exhibited in Washington includes Vista Alegre porcelain fragments


Vista Alegre participated what was considered the largest exhibition ever of contemporary Portuguese art in the United States.

"Iberian Suite: Arts Remix Across Continents" was exhibited at the Kennedy Centre, in Washington, an organization of the “Art Institute”, a body based in New York which is responsible for showing the Portuguese culture to the rest of the world.

This large demonstration of Portuguese contemporary art presented a dress entitled "Porcelana em Descoberta" (Porcelain Discovery), a creation of designers Luis Sanches and João Branco of "Storytailors"

A design piece, in which the fabric is "transformed" into the traditional blue tiles, which tell the history of the country, especially the time of discoveries, includes small Vista Alegre porcelain fragments, placed in dress’s corset.

During the event’s dinner was also displayed a work by "VJ" Pedro Zaz, who developed a video mapping presentation, inspired by Vista Alegre patterns, and which showed a contemporary perspective of the cultural richness of Portugal and its presence in the world. Vista Alegre also took this opportunity to present at the Kennedy Center’s store the collections “Alma de Lisboa”, “Alma de Madrid” and “Transatlântica”, for sale.

Vila Verde collection has two new pieces presented during the Mês do Romance


Under the "Vila Verde" collection, dedicated to sweet hearts embroidered handkerchiefs from that Minho village, Vista Alegre presented two new pieces, in early February.

Launching a "Swiss roll dish" and a "cake stand" took place at the “Namorar Portugal”, held at Vista Alegre store at Braga Parque, in Braga. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Vila Verde, Antonio Vilela and the councillor of culture, Julia Fernandes, besides two embroiderers who demonstrated, live, the secular and traditional art of the sweet hearts embroidered handkerchiefs.

This ceremony was part of the Mês do Romance (Romance Month) celebrations, organized by the Câmara Municipal de Vila Verde.

Vista Alegre sponsored wine and cuisine “Melhores do Ano


Vista Alegre continues to associate its name and image to prestigious events in our country. The company Grupo Visabeira sponsored for the third time, the awards "Melhores do Ano" (Best of the year) for the wine sector, organized by the Wine - A Essência do Vinho magazine, which also awarded prizes in the area of gastronomy.

The Atlantis crystal decanter of the Tinto & Branco collection was delivered to the categories “Vinho do Ano” (Wine of the Year), “Personalidade do Ano no Vinho” (Personality of the Year for the Wine Industry), “Produtor do Ano” (Producer of the Year), “Produtor Revelação do Ano” (Young Producer of the Year), “Enólogo do Ano” (Winemaker of the Year), “Sommelier do Ano (Sommelier of the year), “Restaurante com Melhor Serviço de Vinhos (Best Restaurant Wine Service) and “Personalidade do Ano no Brasil” (Personality of the Year in Brazil).

Under the initiative of the Wine - A Essência do Vinho magazine were awarded as well the categories “Personalidade na Gastronomia” (Best Personality Gastronomy), “Chefe de Cozinha” (Chef), “Restaurante Gastronómico”(Best Resutant) and “Destino Gastronómico” (Gastronomic Destination).

Vista Alegre ceremony is a candidate to Intangible cultural heritage


Vista Alegre, as the entity responsible for the Museu da Vista Alegre, recently sent to the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage an application so that the ceremonies in honor of Our Lady of Penha de França be part of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory.

Also called the Vista Alegre Celebration, the initiative is a religious and cultural event which takes place on the first weekend of July, at the village Vista Alegre, in Aveiro. Invoking the cult of Our Lady Penha de França, the central location is the chapel built in her honour, on the late 17th century by Bishop Manuel de Moura Manoel. The religious festivities date back probably to the late 17th century, early 18th century.

With the establishment of the Fábrica de Porcelana da Vista Alegre (Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory) in 1824, the celebrations were absorbed by the company. The festivities began to be sponsored by the administration and organized by the company’s staff.

In addition to the religious dimension, the celebration acquired new aspects, making it an important moment of interaction between employees, management, residents of Vista Alegre neighborhood and members of the local community.

As a result of a particular set of historical developments, the ceremonies have currently an unusual character, combining religious activities, as the procession and the Mass, and construction and celebration of corporate identity moments, for example, lunch with the retired people, traditional games or the raising of the Vista Alegre flag.

This is also a moment for purchasing VA products at special prices, a situation that also helps to attract thousands of people.

Regarding the application process, initially it was asked for an opinion from the Municipality of Ílhavo, the São Salvador Parish and the Direcção Regional de Cultura do Centro (Regional Directorate of Culture). With positive opinions of these entities, the application will now proceed, and it may already be partially viewed on the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage website.

At the moment it is already under public consultation, which aims to encourage those involved in the ceremony, as well as local communities to make their observations on the online platform of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Know the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage announcement.
For the Ílhavo authority "it is important to clearly materialize the huge tourism potential associated with Vista Alegre, promoting income-generating activities, as well as ensure job maintenance and creation, and yet stimulate entrepreneurial community."

Vista Alegre, Cerutil, and Bordallo Pinheiro at the Ambiente 2015 Fair


Vista Alegre, Bordallo Pinheiro and Cerutil participated once more in the Frankfurt International Fair – Ambiente 2015, one of the largest international events for “home”, with several activity sectors.

The German fair ran from the 13th and the 17th of February attracting once again thousands of visitors, including professionals of the areas, recording the visit of 135 thousand people, of which more than half were foreign.

Vista Alegre, as in previous years, was present at the fair Ambiente in Frankfurt, one of the most prestigious decoration and tableware fairs in Europe, with a large number of new collections that surprised the visitors.

This year, the brand invested in a new integrated collection of porcelain, crystal and glass pieces - the Art Déco Collection, which was exhibited in an area intentionally created to show all the elegance, modernism and sophistication which the Art Déco movement represents.

This new collection includes a table service (Emerald), decorative pieces, such as vases centerpieces, picture frames, boxes (Lavish, Odeon, Jet Black, Gotham and Diva) and office and bar line (Poison, Flapper, Chicago, Movies, Poison, Metropolis and Phoenix). The result exceeded the expectations, and the new collection was extremely well received by the public of different nationalities, who were surprised by the concept and the bold forms which were presented.

In addition to these collections, the collection which deserve a special attention are: the new table service - "Coralina" which bears the signature of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta; and the new table service – “Azul”, a contemporary tableware for daily use, created by Portuguese artist Bela Silva.

As it has been customary, Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix Maison, presented their new collections - "Love Who You Want" and the new table service "Caribbe", which stood out for its tropical exuberance, and were well received by the public.

Finally, Vista Alegre stand had an area reserved for the hotel ware product, with special emphasis on the "Chefs' Collection", and the two new collections of the artist Sylvie Coquet, thus reinforcing its presence in the market Horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafés) internationally. Bordallo Pinheiro presented 2 stands where it exhibited in particular the lines cabbage, fish, fantasy, tomato and melon, highlighting this year the collection "sardines by Bordallo", which was well received by the public.

In another area Bordallo Pinheiro presented the "Private Label" pieces. This is a line with pieces that although they do not have Bordallo’s "DNA", they bear the customer’s acronym or are sold under the brand "São Raphael".

Bordallo Pinheiro considers the participation as being very positive, having contacted with customers from Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland and Bulgaria) and Asia (Japan, Singapore, Goa and South Korea), who were very pleased by the pieces, and by the beautiful decoration of the bordallianos stands.

Vista Alegre presented firsthand at the Fair SIRHA in Lyon, the new collection of the artist Sylvie Coquet


Vista Alegre participated in the Sirha fair held from the 24th to the 28th of January in Lyon, France.
The event, which is considered as the largest fair of gastronomy in Europe, and one of the best in the world, was attended by the century-old brand, recognized internationally.

Taking advantage of this scenario, Vista Alegre presented firsthand, among others, its new collection designed by artist Sylvie Coquet, thereby strengthening its presence in the Horeca market - hotels, restaurants and cafés, at an international level.

Vista Alegre develops a pioneer project for the use of porcelain for public lighting 


Vista Alegre is involved in a pioneering project which aims, ultimately, the use of porcelain for public lighting.

Cerurbis is a project promoted by the city of Aveiro and its main purpose is to promote and spread the use of ceramics in urban areas of the city.

Thanks to advances in research and development, the ceramic material has at present an important variety of technical and aesthetic benefits, managing to promote the creation and development of new products, by introducing new technologies and providing these materials with high sophistication and performance.

Regarding the project, the Municipality of Aveiro, with the support of research units associated to the ceramics industry, including the Centro Tecnológico de Cerâmica e do Vidro (Technological Center of Ceramics and Glass), is working with the company Larus for the development of the prototype of a new public lighting equipment.

This prototype is being developed by integrating porcelain as an innovative material, through its excellent reflective properties. Within the range of materials, porcelain is positioned very close to the precious metal, regarding their reflecting characteristics.

At this stage the idea focuses on the development of a prototype for the market, which will be used in specific exhibitions for this purpose. The industrial partner is Larus, a company which has been awarded several times regarding the street furniture area, which is leading the ideas for the project.

After all the commercial and industrial conditions are met viewing the project’s viability and profitability, the project will then be sent to production.

Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro participated in the Maison & Objet fair, in Paris


Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro were represented in this year's Maison & Objet, one of the most important fairs of the sector worldwide.

In this renowned fair, Vista Alegre presented many new products for 2015, which honor the “Art Deco” artistic movement. In Paris were presented two new collections signed by Christian Lacroix: “Love Who You Want” and “Caribe”.

The collection “Orquestra”, signed by designers David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem, played as well an important part. The collection was awarded with the international design prize, by the English Wallpaper magazine (Design Awards 2015).

Bordallo Pinheiro, who participated for the first time in the event, took this opportunity to show off their more traditional collections and pieces of Bordallo Art, which increasingly are gaining the public’s attention.

The collections Tropical, Plátanos’ decorative pieces, Sardinhas and Cantinho de Natal played as well a major role.

The areas Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro attracted many visitors who enjoyed both exhibitions. Many people stayed for some time in the stand of faience factory, because it was one of the novelties in the 2015 edition.

Vista Alegre presented its “Primavera” centerpiece by the painter Graça Morais


Vista Alegre presented “Primavera”, a centerpiece designed by the painter Graça Morais, which is part of the project “Projecto Artistas Contemporâneos” (Contemporary Artists Project).

The 13th piece of this collection intends to honor the Portuguese artist recognized internationally.

“Primavera” was created to spread beauty in all areas and at all times, and is available in Vista Alegre stores, in Portugal, in other countries where the brand develops its activity, as well as in myvistaalegre.com, in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

Through the whiteness of porcelain, and taking advantage of its circular shape, Graça Morais planted in this piece, a secret garden, full of poetry, which merge harmoniously the subtlety of the drawings and the lightness of the colours.

“With this centerpiece I try to offer people the beauty and the happiness of a spring day, full of poppies, daisies and many other plants that are born to celebrate life in its entire splendor," says the artist revealing her inspiration.

Launched in 2008, the" Projecto Artistas Contemporâneos" provides two annual editions of limited and numbered pieces, which normally run out in a short time, designed by several national and international famous or emerging artists, associated with the plastic and graphic arts.

The previous pieces of the “Projecto Artistas Contemporâneos” are by Eduardo Nery, Manuel João Vieira, Pedro Calapez, Joana Vasconcelos, Oscar Mariné (awarded with Prémio Design Espanha 2010), Nadir Afonso, Malangatana, Portinari, Armanda Passos, Antonio Ole, Cruzeiro Seixas and José de Guimarães.

Vista Alegre store in Luanda celebrated their one-year anniversary


Vista Alegre store in Luanda, Angola, celebrated recently its first anniversary party, which was attended by around 50 guests - who attended as well the cocktail held in the store itself.

It is important to mention the presence of the Angolan sculptor Mpambukidi Lunfidi, famous for his bronze creations, who will soon work with Vista Alegre, of the administrator of Angolissar - one of the largest local companies- Ludi Mawete, of the director of the Angolan Airlines (TAAG) Vitangui Miguel, the legal adviser of the Grupo Etosha, Hélder Bento, and administrator of the most emblematic monument in Luanda - Memorial Agostinho Neto - for which Vista Alegre has created a piece of crystal.

Moreover, the party was attended by Martim Dornellas and Patrícia Patrício, partners of the Communication Company BURN.

It is important as well to mention that during this first year in Luanda, the store has played an important role regarding homeware and decoration, raising increasingly demanding customers eager for a prestigious brand like ours.

Vista Alegre is also involved in several projects related to the institutional sector, highlighting the creation of customized pieces for government customers, as the crystal piece for the Memorial Agostinho Neto, the creation of gifts to celebrate the new National Assembly of Angola, and pieces for the Ministry of Urban Affairs, among others. The company has as well supplied corporate customers, for example Banco de Fomento de Angola – BFA, SOAPRO, Sonangol, Global Seguros and Chevron.

During this first year, Vista Alegre store in Luanda has also been associated with the artistic and cultural environment of the country, with the Angolan artist Antonio Ole’s piece, which sold out during the launching event.

It is important to note as well that Vista Alegre and its partner in Angola, Grupo Etosha, were associated with sponsoring to important events, most notably the Luanda Golf Tournament, in a partnership with the magazine Villas & Golf Angola, held at the end of 2014.

Under this tournament was held a charity auction with 5 pieces offered by the five sponsors of the event. Vista Alegre perfume bottle was sold for 10.000 euros.

Vista Alegre opened a store in S. Paulo, the first store of this brand in Brazil


Vista Alegre inaugurated on 11th of December, its first flagship store in São Paulo in Brazil, continuing the international expansion policy, allowing the brand to have currently, stores in several countries.
Regarding this new store, soon VAA will also provide its e-commerce platform for the Brazilian market.

In both channels (store and internet) you will be able to purchase all the lines of the brand, which include traditional pieces as well as contemporary pieces that have been highlighted in fairs and international media.

Located on no 1553 Rua Haddock Lobo, in the heart of Jardins and next to several other internationally renowned brand stores, the new Vista Alegre store follows the same patterns of the centennial flagship store in Largo do Chiado, in Lisbon, and the Clérigos store in Oporto.

In its 330 m², spread over two floors, there is a lounge exclusive for buyers, who may choose pieces from all collections available worldwide.

The opening ceremony was attended by numerous celebrities, especially the Consul of Portugal in S. Paulo and his wife, Paulo Jorge Lourenço and Mafalda Lourenço, the Brazilian business man Francisco Castro, partner for this investment, as well as several artists who work with the brand.

Lázaro Sousa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vista Alegre was the host.

Vista Alegre Vista Alegre sponsored 2014 edition of the Festival Internacional Rota das Estrelas


Vista Alegre sponsored once again, the Festival Internacional Rota das Estrelas which for the 5th consecutive year took place on 5 renowned restaurants of Lisbon, Porto, Amarante and Funchal.

For this initiative, which took place between March and November, participated the restaurants Il Gallo d'Oro, of the hotel The Cliff Bay (Funchal), Eleven (Lisbon), The Yeatman (Porto), Feitoria from the hotel Altis Belém (Lisbon) and Largo do Paço, from the hotel Casa da Calçada (Amarante), whose common element is Vista Alegre dishes, where the participating chefs served their culinary creations.

Rota das Estrelas 2014 gathered internationally renowned chefs, with at least one Michelin star.

Chefs Benoît Sinthon, Joachim Koerper, João Rodrigues, Ricardo Costa and Vítor Matos were the hosts, but other chefs participated, including Michel van der kroft (The Netherlands), Miguel Laffan, Miguel Vieira, Vincent Farges, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Paulo Morais, Albano Lourenço, André Silva, Lisete Coelho, Sandro Meireles, Hélio Loureiro, Yves le Lay (Estonia), Jacqueline Pfeiffer (Austria), Jean-Luc Rocha (France), Hans Neuner and Isaac Loya (Spain).

Vista Alegre provided several collections for this tribute to fine dining, namely “Marés
Withe”, “Matrix”, “Silkroad White”, “Broadway White” and “O!Moon”.

The festival attracted many participants.


Vista Alegre participated Tabletop, an important fair in New York 


Vista Alegre USA participated for the 5th time in "Tabletop", an important biannual event, held in New York, and where are represented the leading manufacturers and importers of "tabletop" and "houseware” products. It is the only fair in the United States exclusively for these areas.

Vista Alegre showroom had four sections: Vista Alegre (porcelain and crystal) - which includes a Christian Lacroix Maison corner, Casa Alegre, Bordallo Pinheiro - and a specific area for meetings with customers, which were many visiting the stand.

Among which were highlighted some of the latest VA collections, as the "lines”, “Love Who you want”, “Olhar o Brazil”, “Avenue” and “Gemstone”, as well as the Tropical collections, from Bordallo Pinheiro, and Cádiz, from Casa Alegre.

Taking advantage of the fair, Vista Alegre USA held a breakfast with journalists, highlighting the presence of representatives of the magazines "Trade HFN", "Homeworld", "Tableware Today", "Tableware International", "Martha Stewart Magazine", "Vogue", "The Knot", "Bridal Guide" and "Brides".


Vista Alegre launched the new gift catalog 2014-2015


The project developed by Bang Bang agency was inspired by the keyword "internationalization" – giving rise to the concept “Global Factory”.

Both in the commercial sense, demonstrating the growing presence of Vista Alegre in international markets, and in the conceptual sense (because since long Vista Alegre has been used as a point of contact between artists from different areas, from different parts of the world) choosing an airport, as a backdrop, is a metaphor that symbolizes exactly that.

The Beja Airport was the scenario chosen for the shooting of the new catalog, which implied strict requirements in terms of production as well as dozens of hours of field work. That infrastructure, with little traffic, allowed enjoying all the areas with a total concentration on each of the plans.

In this catalog 2014/2015 readers are transported to an imaginary journey: The boarding gates are opened. Flights arrive and depart carrying inspiration. Through corridors, the movement is intense. Real and imaginary characters living in an area governed by the dream. It is known that those perusing the catalog search for the perfect combination of shapes, colours, subjects and textures. From classic to contemporary, from simple visual pleasure to the most elaborate art form. Sophisticated and timeless objects, which say a lot to those who search for them.

Since 1824, for 190 years, Vista Alegre maps and defines paths which connect different cultures, a vast network of experiences. A constant desire for innovation which becomes prestige known worldwide.

Thus, through the Global Factory, is created this "new journey" which Vista Alegre wants to give its customers "on board the VA1824 flight".

“Love who you want!” is the new Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix collection


Vista Alegre and the French Christian Lacroix fashion house just launched "Love who you want!", an amazing collection which allows an unusual playful and provocative exercise, allowing the creation of customized pieces, full of creativity and humor.

“Love who you want!" is a gift collection that evokes and reinterprets the Surrealist movement, led by André Breton and Jacques Prévert. It was 90 years ago, in 1925, that this group of artists invented the game “Exquisite corpse” [cadàvre exquis].

Made over folded paper, this creative exercise consisted in a collective drawing, where no one knew what had previously been drawn, and took only advantage of the few clues left on the folds of the paper. In the end, when deploying the creative paper appeared, surprisingly, the unexpected relationship between the drawing figures.

Inspired by this creative process Christian Lacroix designed in partnership with Vista Alegre, the "Love who you want!" collection. It consists of various types of pieces - dessert plates, vases, tray, beverage coasters, mugs, pencil holders, magnets and boxes (final price to the consumer from 24 €) -, in which they reveal unusual characters.

These creatures may then undergo further "changes" at the mercy of the imagination of each customer, and new and unusual characters are created, from dozens of possible combinations. From this international partnership, established in 2013, were created the collections "Butterfly Parade", "Forum", Picassiete", "Sol y Sombra" and "Paseo", available on the Vista Alegre stores and online.

Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro opened new stores in Viseu and Madeira


Vista Alegre in November strengthened its network of stores within the domestic market, with new stores in Viseu and Madeira.

The new store in Funchal, with about 95 m2, is located in the historic area of Madeira's capital, and provides Vista Alegre’ customers a more comfortable area. Moreover, it allows as well the possibility of presenting their products to thousands of tourists visiting Funchal.

The company had already a store in the island, in Madeira Shopping, which currently gives place to the new store in the heart of the city.

The opening ceremony cocktail was attended by some celebrities of the region, especially the Regional Secretary of Tourism, Conceição Estudante, the businessman Jorge de Sá, Ilce Berardo, the doctor Fernando Borges and the businesswoman Fátima Andrade, among several members of the VAA collectors club, as well as other guests.

In Viseu, Vista Alegre opened a new store at the Palácio do Gelo Shopping. With about 200 m2, this space is part of the concept of shopping store Vista Alegre, and creates new and better conditions to welcome all customers and visitors.

The wide area allows customers to move more freely in the store, with a close contact with the available products, using as well customized customer services such as wedding lists and customized pieces.

Both stores market Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro products.

In the new Vista Alegre stores in Funchal and in Palácio do Gelo, in Viseu, customers may find new trends in decoration and truly innovative and striking pieces, which are produced in collaboration with the most renowned national and international designers, from different areas  such as arts, architecture, industrial design and graphic design.

Vista Alegre with renewed store in Marrakech – Morocco


Vista Alegre continues to expand its international presence, continuing the plan drawn up in 2009, upon the purchase by the Grupo Visabeira.

Starting this month, the century-old brand strengthens its presence in Marrakech, which is considered the most beautiful city in Africa.

The Vista Alegre sale and showroom area is located in the renovated Tendancia Maison et Objet store, located in one of the main shopping avenues of the city, offering currently a larger space for VAA products.

For now, and despite the fact that it has opened recently, the new Vista Alegre space impresses the customers of Marrakech, which show particularly interest in the Christian Lacroix’s Butterfly Parade collection.

It is important to mention that the luxury segments "giftware" and "tableware" of Vista Alegre have been growing in Marrakech, because the Tendancia store also specializes in decoration projects.

It is important to mention as well that Marrakech is the most visited city of Morocco and the most visited city of Africa by European, especially French people, who own holiday homes, and benefit the homeware branch of Vista Alegre.

Besides Marrakech, Vista Alegre develops its activity, in partnership, in Casablanca and Rabat.


Vista Alegre presented some new products in Barcelona


Vista Alegre participated in the international fair Hostelco, at Barcelona, from the 20th to the 23rd of October.
An event for the hotel sector, which is of great importance in the Spanish market and at an international level, where the brand presented their best products within the lines dedicated to Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes), and where it revealed the latest collections.

Among the most important products are: “Chefs’ Collection”, “Infinita”, by the German designer Carsten Gollnick and “Theatre” by the studio FROM.


Vista Alegre sponsored the 8th edition of the Golf Taça Portugal Solidário


Vista Alegre sponsored the 8th edition of the Golf Taça Portugal Solidário, which was organized by Golfecom, under the high patronage of the President of the Republic.

The tournament was held in the Algarve with the participation of different teams, and it was won by the Audi team.

This golf event aims to annually support charity organizations, with the participation of companies which contribute financially to the cause.

During 2014, Taça Portugal Solidário raised 32.500 euros which were donated to Associação Existir de Loulé.
The event was attended by the Secretary of State for Innovation, Investment and Competitiveness, Mr. Pedro Gonçalves, and the Head of State, the President Cavaco Silva, participated in the awards ceremony held during dinner at a hotel in Albufeira.

With this new sponsorship, Vista Alegre continues to associate the brand’s name and prestige to high-profile sporting events in our country, and Taça Portugal Solidário, Expresso BPI Golf Cup and tennis Portugal Open are some of the examples.


Vista Alegre participates for the first time the luxurious fair "Luxe Pack", at Monaco


Vista Alegre participated for the first time at "Luxe Pack", one of the most important worldwide exhibitions of luxury packaging, held from the 27th to the 29th of October in Monaco. The event, addressed only to the leading experts in luxury product packaging, is used annually for brands to present the latest trends in the sector, produced by international recognition and prestige companies.

In the Vista Alegre stand, with about 30m2, was presented the brands’ collection of crystal bottles, and in particular the brandy bottle "Louis XIII" as well as the famous "L'or" bottle by Jean Martell, without doubt two of the biggest stars of the fair.

Once again the Vista Alegre stood for quality, innovative design, brightness and beauty of its superior crystal, increasingly recognized and preferred worldwide, having the visitors, mostly professionals, praised the brand’s production.

It is important to mention as well that this participation resulted on good business contacts, which should lead to the development of new orders for the luxury market in the drinks and cosmetics sectors.


Vista Alegre celebrates its 190 years of life with special launches 


The 190 years of the establishment of Vista Alegre, celebrated from June 2014 and June 2015, are marked by the launch of some special pieces.

At this point it is already available in stores the collection of two dishes – "A Obra" and "A Cronologia", signed by Pedro Sousa Pereira.

In the dish " A Cronologia ", the illustrator represented in porcelain 18 important moments of the company's life: Chiado store in Lisbon, Terrina Carpa – Mildred Mottahede, Nursery, Vista Alegre Factory, Art Deco Vases - Ângelo Chuva, Fruteiro – Roque Gameiro, Logo of Sporting Club Vista Alegre, Decorative Detail - Raul Lino, D. Fernando II e o Prato das Camélias, Logo of the Private Fire Department Vista Alegre, Nossa Senhora da Penha de França Procession, Transport Ílhavo- Port by camel, First International Exhibition, Hyde Park, London, Maria da Fonte / Guerra da Patuleia / Batalhão da Vista Alegre, Victor Rousseau, Cabeça de Pompeo, First glass and crystal pieces, Sundial and the Fundador sentado (of which there is a sculpture in stone dust, reissued in porcelain during the 90’s - first symbol of Vista Alegre.

In the dish "A Obra", Pedro Sousa Pereira illustrates, through a tree, other important moments of Vista Alegre. At the base there is the coat of arms of the family Pinto Basto (founder of the company), followed by the bust of José Ferreira Pinto Basto. Two birds having tea using Vista Alegre services, several popular decorations, such as Índias and Anna, Cupid sculpture in biscuit, art deco flowers, sculpture Fauno, sculpture Soldado de Infantaria, clover - decor theme by Cândido da Silva, several birds in the branches, Vista Alegre logo with a crown, saucer of the cup of the Tea Cup 1st batch, sculpture Pato-Real, Terrina Peixe and the existing sundial in the palace garden, complete the decoration of the dish.

Meanwhile, during this month will be launched one more piece celebrating the 190 year anniversary.

The " Perfumador " is a piece of numbered edition, limited to 190 copies, recovering a form created by Vista Alegre in 1951 and boasts a decoration specially created to commemorate the 190 years of the brand. The decoration on the round part corresponds to two paintings which are in the dining room of the management house of Vista Alegre. For the great decorative wealth of the piece contribute the manual painting and the gold matte work on the piece.

Vista Alegre sponsored the international tennis tournament Banco BIC Beloura Junior Open


Vista Alegre sponsored the international tennis tournament Banco BIC Beloura Junior Open, for the under 16 ranking, held from the 5th to the 14th of September.

The Beloura Tennis Academy in Sintra, received some of the best national and international tennis players in a competition was upgraded to level II, which is one of two tournaments of this level held in the Iberian Peninsula.

This youth competition had more than one hundred players (64 boys and 32 girls) from different nationalities, among whom the national champion under 16, Francisca Jorge.

The extensive social program of this competition took to Beloura João Sousa, the best Portuguese tennis player of our time and one of the best national players ever.


Vista Alegre presented new products in Equipotel, the largest hotel fair in Latin America


Vista Alegre participated once again in Equipotel, the main hotel and gastronomy fair in Latin America, which was held from the 15th to the 18th September in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event is aimed at the hotel sector, where the latest collections of the world's leading brands are usually revealed.

Vista Alegre presented various options for the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes), having also taken the opportunity to launch some collections which had not yet reached the Brazilian market.

The O! Moon, Infinite, and Stars collections were presented, as well as the news pieces from the Chef's Collection, which were a huge success. In addition, the remaining collections continue to amaze the Brazilian consumer, who appreciates quality porcelain VA and the bold design of the brand.

The Vista Alegre’s stand presented as well a new concept and layout, based mainly in lighter, neutral colors and more "open" spaces, allowing for better visibility and circulation, which received much praise from the visitors.


The Russian Chef Denis Perevoz signed a dish which is part of the Vista Alegre chef´s collection, launched in Moscow


Vista Alegre presented the dish "Lake" designed by the Russian chef Denis Perevoz.

The launch of this new piece, available for the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes), was held on the 25th during the second consecutive participation of Vista Alegre at the PIR fair in Moscow, held between the 23rd and the 26th of September.

Denis Perevoz is the executive chef of the renowned restaurant Café-Chekhov in Moscow, and he was the first Russian to design a dish for Vista Alegre.

This dish, part of the "Chef's Collection" takes on a relevant role and is another important step towards the journey of internationalization which Vista Alegre has been following for some years.

The “Chefs Collection” includes already pieces from chefs Rui Paula, Ricardo Costa, Dieter Koschina, Vítor Sobral, Vítor Matos, Benoit Sinthon, Zeffirino and Michael Grünbacher.


Vista Alegre presents, in Maputo, a sculpture in porcelain by Reinata Sadimba


The presentation of the new piece of the Evoq project took place last June in the Vista Alegre store at the Interfranca shopping centre and was attended by 70 guests, including the renowned Mozambican artist. With Nhoca Makonde, the author reflects the pulsating overflow of the utility area for communication, merging the body and spirit, in a meander shape (nyoka, in Makonde culture), full of sensuality, using the chromaticism of terra cotta, graphite grey and white from pounded limestone. More info

Presentation of the 12th piece of the Contemporary Artists Project (CAP), signed by José de Guimarães


Oceanos (Oceans), an evocation of the seas and of the discovery of new worlds and cultures by the Portuguese, was recently presented in the Vista Alegre flagship store in Chiado, with the presence of the artist who described his creation as "a kind of a boat, with curved shapes, drawn with all my pictorial grammatical logic”, adding that "it is an ode to encounters, because Portugal’s history was made from encounters." More info


Vista Alegre presents, in Maputo, a sculpture in porcelain by Reinata Sadimba


The presentation of the new piece of the Evoq project took place last June in the Vista Alegre store at the Interfranca shopping centre and was attended by 70 guests, including the renowned Mozambican artist.

With Nhoca Makonde, the author reflects the pulsating overflow of the utility area for communication, merging the body and spirit, in a meander shape (nyoka, in Makonde culture), full of sensuality, using the chromaticism of terra cotta, graphite grey and white from pounded limestone. More info


A Mesa Puesta 2014


In June, for the fourth consecutive year, the event “A Mesa Puesta” was held. This time it counted with summer tables proposals from Javier Castilla and Victoria & Sylvia Melián Randolph.

These distinguished designers’ tables can be seen until mid-July in the store windows of Vista Alegre in Madrid, at Rua José Ortega y Gasset 76. More info


Vista Alegre Festivities


The Chapel of Our Lady of Penha de França was built at the end of the 17th century by the Bishop of Miranda, D. Manuel de Moura Manuel. More info


Vista Alegre opened a showroom in New York


Vista Alegre opened a showroom in New York from which it will start its activity in the United States. It is another important step in the international affirmation of the Portuguese centennial brand. More info


Vista Alegre signs an agreement for distribution in Colombia


Vista Alegre will sign an agreement with the Corona Company for the distribution of its items throughout the Colombian territory.

The document will be signed during the visit of the President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, to the Latin American country.

In the meantime, VAA offered a porcelain dinner set to Barcelona player Gerard Piqué and his Colombian girlfriend, Shakira.


Vista Alegre is going to build a factory to supply IKEA


Vista Alegre is going to build a factory, the RIA STONE, in Ílhavo, which will produce utilitarian tableware in stoneware for the Swedish multinational, IKEA.

The factory should be ready in late 2013 and is expected to start production in the first quarter of 2014. Every year, 30 million pieces of the bestselling lines in IKEA will be produced.


Vista Alegre and António Ole present the “Territórios” (Territories) vase – an edition that is numbered and limited to 500 copies


Vista Alegre, a company of the Visabeira Group, presents the limited edition "Territórios” (Territories), a piece created by António Ole, the artist who has most contributed to the dissemination of Angolan culture in the world and one of the most respected in the African continent today.

"Territórios" (Territories) is the tenth piece resulting from the Contemporary Artists Project (CAP), to which some of the most talented and multifaceted authors of today have contributed. António Ole’s contribution fits into this context as one of the main promoters of Angolan culture, who has developed several original paintings to enable this piece that is an ode to contemporary art.

Launched in 2008, the Contemporary Artists Project is a prestigious collection of Vista Alegre, with limited and numbered pieces, conceived by several national and international artists, both established and emerging ones, linked to the visual and graphic arts.

The previous pieces (in order) were by Eduardo Nery, Manuel João Vieira, Pedro Calapez, Joana Vasconcelos, Oscar Mariné (Spain Design Award 2010), Nadir Afonso, Malangatana, Portinari and Armanda Passos.

The process of choosing the artists for participating in this unique collection is rigorous and the production of the pieces is a very complex procedure, which requires extreme care in order to fully respect the author's work in porcelain. Vista Alegre is one of the few companies worldwide that can and knows how to achieve this challenge, producing unique pieces that are true works of art.


Porcelain Cooler transformed into a work of contemporary art


Vista Alegre presents an exclusive piece, created by artist Joana Vasconcelos

Vista Alegre is proud to present a unique piece, signed by plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos.

In "Sarilhos Pequenos", a cooler in Vista Alegre porcelain is adorned by a tentacular body in crochet (wool) and pearls, which erupts with violence and irreverence from the interior of a classic and traditional piece, giving rise to a true explosion of colour and brightness.

With this work, Joana Vasconcelos creates again for the Portuguese company, Vista Alegre - a brand that has always been associated with creativity and innovation, which thus continues to promote art in porcelain and to amaze its customers (and the general public) with a unique set of works of art by major national talents.

The Piece: “Sarilhos Pequenos”

From the interior of a cooler, a tentacular and colourful body in crochet erupts; it is of a domestic and irreverent nature, which is beautiful, seductive and dominant. Through subversion and confrontation between the predictability of everyday life and the spontaneity of nature, “Sarilhos Pequenos” gives us the classic Vista Alegre cooler, contaminated by the richness of the absurd and surreal.

General information about the Piece:

  Size (L x W x H): 90 x 75 x 60 cm

  Single edition


Vista Alegre Atlantis presented the Christian Lacroix collection in Lisboa


Vista Alegre presented, in Lisbon, the four collections jointly developed with the Christian Lacroix fashion house, with the presence of Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director of the French brand.

After having been presented last January in Paris at Maison & Object, the most important international trade fair for decoration, design and trends for the home, the four collections are already available in Vista Alegre shops across the country.

At the launch of their collections in Portugal, Sacha Walckhoff reinforced the importance of the partnership for both brands, which "combined the know-how and quality of Vista Alegre with the elegance and beauty of the Christian Lacroix house, renowned in the world of high fashion".

“Butterfly Parade”, “Picassiete”, “Sol y Sombra” and “Forum” are the collections that give life to this international partnership. This union results in a sumptuous blend of colours and patterns, stripes and graphic motifs, flowers and baroque motifs, replicated in irreverent, unique and contemporary pieces.

With this international partnership, Vista Alegre strengthens its position in the world, entering new markets and expanding its network of international sales. The announced contract with Christian Lacroix will last five years and defines priority markets such as Europe, the USA, Russia, India, China, Dubai, Angola and Mozambique.

The collections can be bought at the Christian Lacroix shop in Paris and, during the year 2013, will be available in retail outlets of partners of the French brand worldwide and in VAA partner shops. The retail prices range from 30 to 3,000 euros (special editions).

The launch of the pieces took place at the Chiado shop, in the heart of the capital, and among the numerous guests there were several public figures.


Vista Alegre is going to build a hotel in Ílhavo


Vista Alegre is going to build a 5-star hotel in Ílhavo, in the area surrounding the centennial factory. At the same time, it will recover the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha and re-qualify the Museum. The Memorandum of Understanding involving several state agencies was signed on March 1st with the presence of the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Regional Development.



Decisive Moments in the History of Portugal and Brazil, represented in Vista Alegre porcelain.


Entitled the “New World”, the name given to the American continent from the fifteenth century onward, the punch bowl that Vista Alegre presents reproduces in the oval reserves two magnificent works by one of the greatest Brazilian artists: Cândido Portinari.

"The First Mass in Brazil", using the technique of tempera on canvas, was intended to decorate the headquarters of Banco Boavista, in Rio de Janeiro, and represents the celebration of the Mass - the first one in "Indigenous land" - by Father Henrique de Coimbra, at the islet of Coroa Vermelha in 1500.

"The Arrival of D. João VI in Salvador" portrays a decisive moment in history: the arrival in Bahia, on January 22nd, 1808, of the first European monarch to cross the Atlantic. The mouldings in gold and red, as well as the central interior motif, are inspired by the engravings of the book “Philosophical Journey”, by naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira. The flowers in gold and sepia are of the passion fruit, honouring the tropical lushness and fertility of Brazilian soil. All finishes and details were hand-painted by Vista Alegre artisans. An edition that honours the historical links between Portugal and Brazil.




Interview with Sam Baron

The designer speaks of himself, of his journey and his collaboration with Vista Alegre    

Regarding the launch of the collection “La Dame aux Oiseaux”, a limited and numbered edition of 100 copies, Vista Alegre interviews its author, Sam Baron, world-renowned designer, creative consultant for several international brands and, since 2006, director of the Design Department of Fabrica, the communication research centre and incubator of talent of Benetton in Italy.

“La Dame aux Oiseaux” is an encounter between the traditional "savoir faire" of Vista Alegre and the contemporaneity of Sam Baron, who chose to highlight the fascinating process of painting by coats, the specific details and the obsession with the harmony that the artists of the brand have dedicated to bird painting over decades, at the Ílhavo factory. Considered one of the best French designers of his generation, Sam Baron selected for “La Dame aux Oiseaux” one particular colour palette, combining pastel shades with strong colours and some details in black and white, which turned some classical knickknacks into decorative elements, capable of standing out in modern spaces.

This is not your first collaboration with the brand. Your sources of inspiration have been diversified in the world of Vista Alegre. Why birds this time?

Vista Alegre does not only have a catalogue of tableware and decorative pieces. It also has the manufacturing side. And this is a fascinating place where people spend a long time making unique pieces, both in terms of sculpture and in terms of decoration. I have always wanted to honour these craftsmen who spend a career doing such a specific work. Vista Alegre has this historic collection of birds and my goal was to show that this type of reproduction still has its reason for being and just needs a new look.

Your options in this field are driven by a sharp classicism to which you apply a contemporary look. Is there a clear intention to respect the historical legacy of the brand or is it a matter of personal taste?

The process was to observe how people work. To paint an object with detail you need to do it in stages. First in black, for contrast, then you apply background colours and finally you create all the details. Each phase has a beauty and a technique that only few people dominate. I mixed the order of the steps to achieve a special result that has a more contemporary look. To maintain respect for the brand’s customers we cannot go from white to black. We, designers, have to adapt our vision to the past of the brand, so as to project into the future. With associations and subtlety.


The colour in this collection is used with certain modesty, almost like an accessory. Is this a very personal interpretation and, at the same time, a tribute to the mastery of the Vista Alegre painters?

I wanted to create a balance between the very refined work of sculpture and the beauty of porcelain, particularly its whiteness. I have always loved biscuit pieces that play with the light. But, without forgetting the manufacturing work, I wanted to demonstrate the mastery of the painters without crowding the pieces – only with touches and effects so as to appreciate the qualities of the colours used: from the background colour to a very defined trace.          


Among past projects with the brand, there is “Ornament” - inspired by the ceilings of the Vista Alegre Palace - and “Royal Actual”, that mixes Eastern and European motifs, alluding to the overseas expansion. Is it accurate to say that you are redesigning "your" brand identity by widening the range of influences?

Yes, Vista Alegre is very rich: it has a past full of references and surprises. It is very nice for a designer to be seduced by these influences. The most difficult is to achieve them fairly, giving a current value to that heritage without repeating a "recipe" that would be tiring for the customers and also for me! Each project for Vista Alegre is a challenge, where I bring together values and details of the brand in a modern mood, which allows uniting traditional and new customers of the brand, attracted by these creations.


How do you develop a partnership with the brand, and what are your main creative allies?

A good partnership with a brand happens when both sides know what they are looking for. On the brand’s side: which products they want to offer to customers and on the designer’s side: where can he make a difference so as to open new doors. We must be in tune. Each can learn from the other to achieve a shared goal. Trust is also very important. And the sense of risk: each one has to go further and search more, so that the "couple" can resist and continue to follow a happy and productive path.



Vista Alegre at the "Rota das Estrelas" (Route of the Stars)


The brand stands out at the international food festival

Vista Alegre was present at the closing event of the 2012 edition of the "Rota das Estrelas” (Route of the Stars), a roadmap of worldwide projection that aims to celebrate several cuisines, also promoting the exchange of experiences and trends among the great masters of the kitchen.

Each meeting brings together international chefs, all recognized by the Michelin Guide, the highest benchmark of excellence in the industry. The host chef and his guests prepare, as a team, a tasting menu with some dishes distinguished in the famous guide, meeting the richness of flavours and products of each region. Vincent Farges, Executive Chef of Fortaleza do Guincho, one Michelin Star since 2001, hosted three memorable nights where the Vista Alegre tableware, specially chosen for the purpose, was present.

The brand is thus associated with well-renowned national and international chefs, by putting its pieces at the service of the best professionals and the most demanding culinary creations.­­­­­­­­­­­


Vista Alegre opened its first shop in Mozambique


On February 21st, Vista Alegre opened its first shop in Mozambique.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture of Mozambique, Armando Artur João, the Ambassador of Portugal in Mozambique, Mário Godinho de Matos, the Mozambican writer Mia Couto, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VAA Mozambique, António Jorge Costa, and other managers of the Visabeira Group.

It was also attended by the ambassadors of Angola and Brazil, people of the social and political circle of Mozambique, the Director of AICEP, businessmen and journalists, in a total of 140 people.

In this shop opening event, the “Mar Me Quer” vase was presented - a Lusophone celebration resulting from the creative partnership between Mia Couto and Roberto Chichorro. A piece inserted in the collection 1 +1 = 1, one of the latest artistic initiatives of the brand that emphasizes the historic union of Vista Alegre with culture.

Out of curiosity, 22 vases were sold during the opening of the shop, predicting the success of the new space.

In the Maputo shop, located in the Interfranca Shopping Centre in Av. 24 de Julho, shop 1F, in Maputo, you can find collections by Vista Alegre and also items from Bordallo Pinheiro.

With the arrival in Maputo, Vista Alegre fulfils another important step in the consolidation of the international affirmation of the project, begun about three years ago, which has allowed the opening of shops in several countries, including Spain, Belarus, Turkey, China, Angola and Mozambique, among others.

The policy of international expansion of the centennial brand doesn’t stop here: it already has plans for shop openings that in due time will be announced. For now, it is already planning the opening of a VAA space in the Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa in Maputo.


Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix presented pieces from the international partnership


Vista Alegre and the French fashion brand, Christian Lacroix, got together in a global partnership to create four collections of tableware and decorative pieces, which were presented, last January 18th in Paris, at Maison & Objet, the most important international fair for decoration, design and trends for the home.

"Butterfly Parade", "Picassiete", "Sol y Sombra" and "Forum", are the exclusive collections with which Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix present their international partnership. Although independent, the pieces of these collections can be combined, reflecting the individuality of those who buy them.

Developed by both brands, the products combine the knowledge and quality of Vista Alegre, with the elegance and beauty of the Christian Lacroix house, renowned in the world of fashion. This union results in a harmonious blend of colours and patterns, stripes and graphic motifs, flowers and baroque motifs, replicated in irreverent, unique and contemporary pieces.

For its world premiere, Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix did not overlook any detail. The collections were photographed in the gardens and at the chapel of the Vista Alegre Palace, in Ílhavo, by French photographer Grégoire Alexandre, a professional who regularly works for several luxury brands.

With this international partnership, Vista Alegre strengthens its position in the world, entering new markets and expanding its network of international points of sale. The contract with Christian Lacroix will last five years and defines priority markets such as Europe, the USA, Russia, India, China, Dubai, Angola and Mozambique.

The pieces shown at Maison & Objet will be on sale at the Christian Lacroix shop in Paris and in retail outlets of partners of the French brand worldwide. In Portugal, the collection is available in the VAA shop network.

Retail prices vary between 20 and 40 euros (dinner plates); 50 and 100 euros (small gifts); 50 and 500 euros (decorative items); and 500 and 5,000 euros (decorative pieces and special numbered editions).

Meanwhile, before this launch event in Paris, a lunch was held in the City of Light with about 20 French journalists specialising in the field, where this partnership between Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix was announced. The meeting took place in one of the trendiest hotels in Paris.


Partnership is thrilling for both brands

"Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by pottery and porcelain, perhaps due to the influence of my grandmother, who was born in Limousin [cradle of the Limoges porcelain]. For me, launching our own collection has always seemed the natural step to take, and the know-how of Vista Alegre allowed us to mirror in porcelain the creative universe of Christian Lacroix", says Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director of the fashion brand.

Nicolas Topiol, CEO of the Christian Lacroix House, recalls the birth of the project: "We visited the unique site that is the Vista Alegre factory, in Ílhavo, Portugal, built around a Baroque chapel by a Portuguese visionary of the nineteenth century, and we immediately knew that we had found the ideal partner for this project. It is thanks to this extraordinary team that we present today the first Christian Lacroix porcelain collection in partnership with Vista Alegre", said one of the main representatives of the French house.

Nuno Barra, Director of Marketing and External Design of VAA, recalled the nearly two centuries of history of the Portuguese brand, stressing that "with this global partnership, we unequivocally mark a new milestone in this long history. We entered new markets, working side by side with one of the strongest brands in fashion and luxury in the planet, leading the Vista Alegre brand to new geographies and new audiences. It is a very important achievement for Vista Alegre, which gives us a lot of strength to expand this centennial brand, one hundred percent Portuguese, to the most prestigious venues and markets in the world".


Vista Alegre reopened the Chiado shop, in Lisbon


Vista Alegre reopened its shop in Largo do Chiado, Lisbon, after an extensive refurbishment to become the flagship shop of the centennial Portuguese brand in a more cosy and comfortable space.

The renovated shop combines history, tradition, prestige and heritage with innovation and design. All brought together in one single place.

VAA marked the reopening of the shop in the heart of Lisbon with the launch of the piece "Sem Flores", signed by plastic artist Armanda Passos, the ninth of the Contemporary Artists project.

On that same occasion, the collection "Tea With Alice" by Teresa Lima was also presented, by invitation of Ilustrarte, a project that invokes the 150th anniversary of the launch of the first book by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”.

The festive occasion was also marked by the presence of a painter from the Ílhavo factory, who painted on location some birds, emblematic pieces of VAA, at one of the shop windows, surprising tourists that visit the Lisbon area in large numbers.

The renovated Chiado shop maintains the facade with ornamental marble stones, the Roman mosaic floor, the carved black display cabinets, and the walls and elements of the structure of primitive Pombaline traces, which with the refurbishment works were re-valued. The historic shop is classified as "Property of Municipal Interest".


Vista Alegre presented the “Mar Me Quer” vase by Mia Couto and Chichorro


Vista Alegre and Visabeira Toursim jointly promoted the launch of the piece "Mar Me Quer", inspired by the literary work of Mia Couto, one of the leading figures of Lusophone literature, which is part of the 1 +1 = 1 collection, an unprecedented initiative of VAA.

The decorative vase was illustrated by Roberto Chichorro, a big name in Mozambican painting, who Mia Couto invited for this joint project.

The presentation ceremony took place over a dinner held at the ZamBeZe Restaurant in Lisbon, with about a hundred guests, including the authors of the piece.

The personalities present at the event included the President of the Tourism Institute of Mozambique, José Tomo Psico, and the President of the Mozambique Airports, Manuel Veterano, whose entities are partners of Visabeira Tourim in the ZamBeZe project.

From the National political circle, there were: the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Regional Development, António Almeida Henriques, the Corporate Affairs Adviser to the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, Pedro de Almeida, the Member of State Basílio Horta, the President of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon, Simoneta Luz Afonso, the Administrator of Turismo de Portugal, Maria Lurdes Vale, and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mota-Engil, Jorge Coelho.

The Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries was represented by its Executive Secretary, Ambassador Murade Murargy and by a representative of the Ambassador of Mozambique in Lisbon.

In the range of guests, the highlight was the presence of former footballers Eusébio, Mário Wilson and Hilário, fado singer Mariza, and saxophonist Otis, who graced the dinner with a superb interpretation of some musical themes.

In terms of cuisine, the presentation dinner of the piece "Mar Me Quer" gave guests a taste of the Portuguese-Mozambican flavours that make up the wide range of options available on the menu at the ZamBeZe. In terms of wines served, emphasis is on the Dão Tinto Reserva 2008 from Casa da Ínsua.

During the speeches, José Arimateia, CEO of Visabeira Tourism, presented the ZamBeZe Restaurant, Nuno Barra, Director of Marketing and External Design of Vista Alegre, talked about the 1 +1 = 1 collection and about the VAA piece "Mar Me Quer", while Roberto Chichorro and Mia Couto talked about the work done.

Mia Couto initialled his phrase "As if the river were, itself, a bridge. From one side to the other, the same ones: us, dreaming that there be another bank ", which is now on the walls of the restaurant.

Also worth mentioning are the speeches by the Mozambique President of Tourism and of the CPLP Executive Secretary, which extolled the importance of the restaurant in the capital, a meeting point of Lusophony, which should be promoted not only for its Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine, but also that of the remaining seven countries that speak the language of Camões.

The Secretary of State, António Almeida Henriques, emphasized the importance of the creation of ZamBeZe in a historical context and Luso-Mozambican culture, as well as the active role that the Visabeira Group has had on the socio-economic development of the two countries.

At the end of the ceremony, the President of the Visabeira Group, Fernando Nunes, cut the first slice of a peanut cake, with which he "sealed" this memorable event, to everyone's liking.


Vista Alegre awarded first place in a national study of spontaneous awareness


Vista Alegre was awarded first place in the national study of spontaneous awareness prepared by QSP - Marketing Consultancy, whose results are the basis of the guide "Marcas que Marcam” (brands with an impact), which will come out next December 6th, free with the Diário Económico newspaper.

Winner in the category "Tableware, cutlery and porcelain", Vista Alegre was evaluated in a process of two distinct stages – that make up the qualitative and quantitative phases - in a universe of more than ten thousand names of products and services.

The "Marcas que Marcam" Guide selected the brands with the highest spontaneous awareness in Portugal, and was conducted through face-to-face and individual interviews, thus determining, in a very reliable manner, how brands are perceived by the Portuguese.

With 188 years of existence and a long tradition, not only in the Portuguese market but also internationally, Vista Alegre is once again recognized for its reputation and relevance in the market. During the month of November, Vista Alegre received two awards: it was re-elected for the third consecutive year as a Superbrand - Brand of Excellence, and was also awarded the Mobis Prizes, by the Mobiliário em Notícia magazine.

The awards and distinctions that Vista Alegre has received are the result of the strategic vision that the brand has been following, assuming its ‘portugality’ but also its international vocation.

Currently, 60 per cent of turnover derives from exports, which have grown over 20 percent every quarter. Spain, France, Germany and the USA are the major export markets of VAA, and the strong sales growth registered in Chile and Brazil (above 50 percent) has justified the recent opening of a subsidiary in Brazil to serve as a distribution platform for Latin America. The strategy of market diversification that has boosted the exports of Vista Alegre also includes markets as diverse as England, Moldova and Belarus.


Pioneer catalogue project in Portugal has the participation of the National Ballet Company


Vista Alegre presents the alchemy of a "dream factory"

Matter and spirit. These are the ingredients that make up the essence of each piece produced by Vista Alegre. From the raw dance of materials, choreographed by the hands of its skilled craftsmen under the fire that crystallizes them, bright and unique products are born. It is from this alchemical metaphor of a "dream factory”, which reinvents itself every day with a creative glow that straddles the borders of Portugal and unites contemporaneity with secular tradition, that the new and amazing catalogue of Vista Alegre is born: the first multimedia catalogue of the brand, a pioneer project, produced in collaboration with the artists of the National Ballet Company, bringing together dance, cinema, fashion, porcelain and crystal, with the industrial scenario of the Centennial Vista Alegre factory in Ílhavo as backdrop.

It is a completely new concept, never before used in Portugal. The catalogue arises from a cinematic and advertising mega-production of Vista Alegre, a company of the Visabeira Group. In all, 18 films were produced, staged and filmed inside the Centennial Vista Alegre factory in Ílhavo, each lasting one minute, during which a unique ballet dance is presented, among the guests of the National Ballet Company, the hardness of the industrial scenario of the factory, and the magical pieces that are created there every day for over 188 years.

These films used 5K video technology, with a Red Epic camera - a technology with a resolution four times greater than high definition. It is from these motion pictures that the physical catalogue was then born, on paper, with frames chosen by the cinematographer of this blockbuster. These films with very high definition were also adapted to a television advertising campaign and the media, which will surprise the Portuguese people on December 1st.

These 18 films that were produced to demonstrate the excellence and pioneer attitude of the Centennial Vista Alegre, will be showing in its shop network nationwide, and will also be shown at the main fairs and international events of the decoration and tableware industry. With the launch of the 2012/2013 catalogue, Vista Alegre once again demonstrates its pioneering attitude, its creativity and innovative spirit - characteristics with which it so unquestionable marked its history and the history of Portugal since its inception in 1824.

In the 21st century, Vista Alegre increasingly asserts itself as an international brand, ahead of its time, marking aesthetic trends in the market of decoration and tableware.

Surprise yourself with the alchemy of a "dream factory" in: www.vistaalegreatlantis.com/Catalogo.aspx


For the third consecutive year, Vista Alegre is a “brand of excellence”, 2012


With 188 years of history, Vista Alegre continues to earn the trust and preference of domestic consumers. For the third consecutive year, Vista Alegre was re-elected a Superbrand - Brand of Excellence. The distinction is the result of the voting by Portuguese consumers, who elected their 27 favourite brands in the market. The very organization of the international Superbrand handed to the Vista Alegre Group, without hesitation, the mission to produce the Awards of Excellence Brands 2012 - crystal trophies, engraved with the names of the brands chosen and the Superbrands logo.

Nuno Barra, Director of Marketing & External Design of Vista Alegre, is thankful for the trust of the Portuguese people: "It is a great pride for the Vista Alegre brand and its more than 1,500 employees to again earn the distinction and trust of the Portuguese people in the third consecutive election as a brand of excellence. This is another sign of trust in the path we are treading. We want to make the Vista Alegre brand increasingly global but on the other hand, increasingly Portuguese and of the Portuguese people. We work tirelessly for Vista Alegre to remain a brand ahead of its time, which focuses on innovation, internationalization, but never forgets the element of tradition. This award is based on votes from consumers and it is always for them that Vista Alegre works and innovates. We are very grateful".

To be a runner-up of the Brands of Excellence – Superbrands, you must undergo two phases. Firstly, the Superbrands Council, consisting of leading figures in the sector, ranks a list of 1200 brands in the areas of market, longevity, goodwill, customer loyalty and acceptance. In a second phase, a survey is done online where consumers are asked to spontaneously rate three brands on each of the following attributes: unique brands, those in which they have greater trust, those with whom they identify better, those that best meet their needs and those that are better known.