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Project nº 705

Support under the incentive system

Resistant and Coloured for Life


            Total eligible cost: 3,427,500 €

            EU Financial Support: 1,542,375 €

            National public financial support: 0 €


Summary of the project:

The project has anticipated investments which will allow for the increase in production capacity of the industrial unit of Ílhavo, whose acquisition of a set of new equipment using new technologies, necessary for the diversification of the existent range of products, would allow the company to add its levels of competitiveness.

The investment at hand consists of the development and the acquisition of a New Kiln for hollow pieces of porcelain, as well as development in an innovation laboratory for applying glaze to pieces (INOVLAB).

The project is based on innovative processes and products, where the most automated and most efficient kiln will allow for producing more resistant pieces and the INOVLAB will enable the use of new glaze techniques, as well as laboratory production of colour samples in order to optimize glazed product production.

The project under analysis aims to expand the production capacity of Vista Alegre Atlantis. This expansion should be translated in an increase of Gross Production Value at over 27%, which is intrinsically connected to the introduction of a new range of products with a differentiating concept, projected for the hotel sector.

Project no 003485

Support under the incentive system

DecorGlass .: Decoration Techniques for Glass


           Total eligible cost:  EUR 895.252,76

            EU Financial Support:  EUR 596.041,33

            National public financial support: EUR 0


Project summary:


“DecorGlass - Decoration Techniques for the Glass” is a Research & Development project promoted by Vista Alegre Atlantis, SA (VAA) and the University of Aveiro (UA).


Within this project, promoters intend to overcome some of the current technical limitations associated with producing glass pieces, through the development of a new range of glass pieces of high added value, especially in terms of design, quality and safety, through research and development of new materials and decoration techniques.

The new materials and techniques to research/develop will allow Vista Alegre to introduce diversified products into its portfolio, meeting the characteristics that customers are looking for, particularly with higher added value, flexibility in design and food safety.

Development and investment in the project "DecorGlass - Decoration Techniques for the Glass", based on and supported by research into new materials and decoration techniques with a view to developing a new range of high added value glass products, was successfully completed in November 2018. During the project it was possible, among other outcomes, to obtain different formulations and reproducible shades of glass substrates using the development and incorporation of chromophore elements, increasing the range of decorative coatings applied by different techniques, optimizing the engraving conditions of glass substrate surfaces by laser beam and extending treatment solutions in order to reduce the levels of heavy metals leached. The success of the project has allowed VAA to build on its capacity to produce innovative, differentiating and safe solutions in a demanding global market in order to position itself as a leader in the sector.

Project no 003490

Support under the incentive system


            Total eligible cost: EUR 1.321.431,91

            EU Financial Support: EUR 774.905,83

            National public financial support: EUR 0


Project summary:


“CASA – Ceramic Alternative Strong Article” is a research and development project sponsored by Vista Alegre Atlantis, SA (VAA) and by Mota II Soluções Cerâmicas, S.A. (MSC).


Promoters intend to develop a new ceramic product with visual characteristics that are very similar to those of traditional stoneware, but simultaneously with significantly improved technical characteristics. As such, the new product will be based on a new formulation of stoneware paste having high mechanical resistance and low porosity, which will be stained and covered with a fully transparent glaze, and go through a single baking operation (single-fired), decreasing energy consumption levels.

The product must present high mechanical resistance, low porosity and less thickness than stoneware pieces (approximately 4-6 mm, similar to porcelain), providing more durability and enabling daily use as tableware articles.


The project CASA principally aims to develop new tableware products, with high chromatic richness, similar to faience tableware, but with sufficient resistance to be used under high mechanical and thermomechanical conditions.

Project no. POCI-01-0249-FEDER-023711

Support under the incentive system

CerexCor & CristalLux


Total Investment: 12.102.130,00€

EU Financial Support: EUR 5,378,458

National public financial support: EUR 0

Project Location: HEAD OFFICE (Zona Industrial De Aveiro-Taboeira-Esgueira, Aveiro)



Project summary:


The project “CerexCor & CristalLux” falls within the Vista Alegre Atlantis SA (VAA) strategy with focus on strengthening competitiveness conditions supported by new knowledge which allows for developing innovative processes that promote increases in productivity and efficiency and for marketing differentiated products, thus ensuring continuous growth of the company worldwide.


This project is based on innovation in processes having an operational typology in Diversification of Production and in Fundamental Change in Overall Production Process. Its goal is developing optimized and innovative production processes, making it possible to extend the Vista Alegre’s product portfolio, with intervention occurring at two plants, one focused on Stoneware (CerexCor) and another one on Crystal (CristalLux).

Thus, a new productive line of tableware in stoneware will be introduced in the CerexCor project, and changes in the manufacturing processes of the actual pieces of oven stoneware will take place. In both cases, colored pastes will be introduced in the production process that optimize production and promote differentiated products. Similarly, under the CristalLux project, focus will be given to more efficient production of luxurious crystal packages having a distinctive design and the highest quality, through implementing a new modelling technology "singlepass", which allows for producing unique geometric shapes and different thicknesses, with a view to obtain products centered on shapes and superior quality (differentiating and competitive designs).


An aim of this project is investing strategically in new equipment, adopting new technologies and developing new materials, which support greater flexibility and introduce several products of high added value into Vista Alegre’s portfolio.

Project Code:

Support: Incentive System for Research and Technological Development (SI ID&T) | I&D Corporate - Projects in Co-promotion – Notice 17/SI/2019

Beneficiary (Leader) Entity: VISTA ALEGRE ATLANTIS, S.A.


Main Purpose: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Project location: NUTS II – NORTH and CENTRE

Date of approval: 25/11/2020

Starting date: 01/01/2021

Completion date: 30/06/2023

Contracted amounts:
- Total investment: 2,184,428.72 Euros
- Total eligible investment: 1,728,233.44 Euros
- Financial support of FEDER (non-refundable incentive): 1,149,784.92 Euros

Project overview:
Vista Alegre Atlantis (VAA) intends to strengthen its position in the luxury packaging segment, namely through the development and production of technical bottles with alternative and sustainable crystal glass composition, for prestigious brands of spirits.

The Cristal Eco Premium project essentially results from the following current technical limitations:
- The high lead content of the pieces to guarantee optical, density and sound characteristics.
- The initial capacity to respond to the different requests for new coloured glass and crystal products, with new, more daring and disruptive forms, which consider food security and environmental sustainability.
- The cold finishing processes for moulded products are carried out in manually-operated equipment, which translates into a production rate that is much lower than current needs.
- Control of chemical polishing is limited to measuring the density of baths by sampling, which is insufficient, resulting in a high percentage of breaks in the cold zone.
- The lack of knowledge as to the influence of VAA packaging on properties related to sensory organs of the target contents, which is under the demanding scrutiny of VAA's current customers.

Within this context, the main objectives of the project are:
- Investigation of a new lead-free glass and crystal composition.
- Development of new environmentally sustainable coloured glass and crystal compositions.
- Automation study of the parts finishing process, focusing on flexible subtractive finishing.
- Development of analytical and chemometric tools to control the chemical polishing process.
- Research and design of an organoleptic sensing system.

Project activities:
1. Preliminary studies and technical specifications;
2. Laboratory research/development of new lead-free glass and crystal formulations;
3. Laboratory research/development of new lead-free glass and crystal processing techniques;
4. Evaluation of the impact of packaging on the sensory characteristics of beverages;
5. Design, development, construction of prototypes and testing on an industrial scale;
6. Promotion and disclosure of results;
7. Technical project management.