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processo cristal

Processo produtivo cristal atlantis

Raw materials of great purity are required to obtain Atlantis crystal. Sand, potash and litharge are the main components of a mixture that provides Atlantis crystal with its unique properties: purity, transparency, high density and unparalleled sparkle.

Allied to the exceptional properties of the raw materials selected is a cutting-edge melting technique where a continuous electric melting furnace is used to transform the glass obtained by mixing raw materials into one of the purest crystals in the world: Atlantis crystal.

The knowledge gathered by several generations of glassmakers is used in the various workshops to give shape to molten glass. Working at temperatures close to 1100°C and using suitable tools, as well as wood, aluminium and steel moulds, skilled artisans manufacture a wide variety of products: glasses, bottles, jars, salad bowls and centrepieces, amongst many other articles. The thickness of every piece is determined by the glassblowing technique used, based on the artisans’ experience and know-how.

Resonance, sparkle, transparency and luminosity, as well as its greater weight, are some of the distinguishing features of Atlantis crystal.