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Crystal Factory

visite fábrica de cristal

visite fábrica de cristal

ⓘ Visits to the Factory and the Museum are suspended until a date to be confirmed.

Witness the Magic of a Centenarian Art

The Atlantis Tour Centre was created in order to divulge the company’s history and provide visitors with the opportunity to closely observe the crystal manufacturing process.

Benefiting from the historical heritage of Atlantis and the strong glassmaking tradition of Marinha Grande, the Atlantis Tour Centre has developed a widely diversified range of tours, focusing on cultural and industrial history, including guided tours of the Factory and Museum.


The Atlantis Tour Centre provides unique experiences, including the following attractions:

- Learn the centenarian history of Crystal and share the heritage of one of the most prestigious crystal manufacturers in the world;

- Become acquainted with the manufacturing process of crystal and glass by closely observing the production circuit at the factory premises;

- Enjoy leisurely moments, art and culture with your family;

- Take the opportunity to shop by choosing from a wide range of products manufactured by the Vista Alegre Group.