Vista Alegre






Given the nature of its mission, the Vista Alegre Museum seeks to collect objects related to the history and development of the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory, from its foundation to current times.

Any objects and items that bear witness to the social, cultural and economic evolution of the Vista Alegre location are also considered of interest.

On the other hand, the area where the Museum is located plays an essential role in the recording and safeguarding of local and regional history. In fact, it is at this location that evidence is preserved of the collective and individual memories associated with the Vista Alegre Housing Estate and its dwellers.


The Vista Alegre Museum collections are categorised according to the following topics:

Glass and Crystal

The glass and crystal collection includes a series of objects produced in the early days of factory operation, between 1824 and 1880.

This collection features various types of objects, ranging from glasses, bottles and jars to decorative pieces and parts for industrial use.


Earthenware and Porcelain

This collection includes experiments in soapstone carried out at the Factory from 1824 to 1834. The most significant objects in this collection are porcelain pieces manufactured by Vista Alegre from 1835 to the present date.

The porcelain collection includes objects of various types, ranging from dinner sets and homeware to a diverse range of decorative pieces, which bear witness to the company’s technological and artistic evolution over its existence.



This collection includes drawings of various types and origins, ranging from the 19th to the 21st century. It features drawings by painters and artists from the Vista Alegre school, as well as drawings commissioned to Portuguese and international artists, used in a diverse range of homeware and decorative pieces.

It also features a wide variety of supports and techniques, namely pencil, Indian ink, watercolour, gouache, pastels and charcoal, in addition to including technical and artistic drawings.



This extensive collection includes photographs from the 20th century to present times, featuring a wide variety of themes, such as industrial production, company employees, cultural events and institutional visits, amongst others.



The document collection includes administrative documents, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, publications, catalogues and other commercial documents, both produced by Vista Alegre and other entities.



This collection includes objects related to industrial activities, such as industrial equipment and technical implements, as well as ceramics produced by other factories and objects related to the social history of Vista Alegre (furniture, textiles, medals, paintings, jewellery, etc.).