Vista Alegre

Temporary exhibitions

The exhibitions are open between 5 May and 31 August 2018.


The table is set.
The menu: a collective exhibition of images from some of the best illustrators worldwide. A feast for the eyes. With a great variety of styles, themes, techniques, and cultural backgrounds, the works on display all share one common denominator: the potential of being transferred onto porcelain.
Another Ilustrarte exhibition, at the Vista Alegre museum, continuing on with the annual partnership of the collection 2i – International Illustrators.
Take delight in these images. Bon appétit!

Ju Godinho and Eduardo Filipe

This exhibition appears in the context of the Vista Alegre project 1+1=1. To develop these pieces, a writer, a director, a composer or another creator is invited, who first chooses the work that he/she considers the most representative of his/her career and art. Each of these authors, in turn, invites a painter, a designer and an illustrator who is, in his/her opinion, the right person to illustrate that work on a piece of porcelain, chosen from the Vista Alegre collection.
In this exhibition visitors have the opportunity to be engaged in the different stages of the creative process. From the initial approach of the authors to the idea, with drawings and sketches, followed by more practical insight, with the different illustrations adapted onto the porcelain piece, to the final stage of production of the object itself.

Adélia Carvalho

Vista Alegre Museum – Exhibition Room (1st Floor)
Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Free Entry