Vista Alegre

Temporary exhibitions

“Vista Alegre Porcelain in Diocese of Aveiro: Art and Devotion”
Open from 4 October to 31 December 2019
Free entry
Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Vista Alegre Museum, Ílhavo

This temporary exhibition features pieces from parishes of Diocese of Aveiro, private collectors and the Vista Alegre Museum. This diversified set of objects, with several materials, styles, decorative techniques, and from different periods and origins, sought to promote the crossing of different lines of interpretation: its commission, of a private or institutional nature, its production, with its technical and artistic specificities, and finally, its religious dimension, associated with the devotion, representation and expression of the Divine.
The arrangement of the objects in the exhibition space encompasses the experiences of the religious era, following the rhythms of the Liturgical Calendar, devotion and rituals. Thus, in addition to the objects, references to contexts of tradition and devotion were integrated. Accordingly, Vista Alegre porcelain is presented in this exhibition as a reflection of the relationship between devotional practices and artistic representations and living and lived heritage, which are constantly shared with the communities.

Organization: Vista Alegre | Diocesan Commission for the Cultural Treasures of the Church of the Diocese of Aveiro
Partners: National Secretariat for the Church’s Cultural Treasures | Diocese of Aveiro | Cinábrio – Conservation and Restoration