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In addition to educational events and tours, the Vista Alegre Museum also engages in divulgation and management activities related to its heritage.


 Acquisitions and Donations

When organising its collections, the Museum primarily seeks to act in accordance with the mission and general goals defined for this institution. In this sense, any acquisitions and donations shall depend on the technical opinion of the Museum curator and approval by the Board of Directors of VAA.

According to the Collection Management policy defined by the Museum, additions to the collections shall proceed through acquisition, donation, legacy or entrustment. Proposals must be submitted by letter or e-mail to the Vista Alegre Museum Administration for analysis.



Any requests to view the collections and/or the document archives should be timely submitted to the Museum Administration. Requests shall be subject to institution and employee availability. Access to the archives and stores shall be restricted to researchers and students, who must be duly identified. Through its curator(s), the Museum reserves the right to deny access to vulnerable materials or in case of any doubts concerning the value of the academic research in question or credibility of the applicants.


Museum Shop

In addition to a wide range of porcelain and china pieces, the Vista Alegre Museum Shop also offers a series of publications. For further information please visit us or contact us .