Vista Alegre

Project nº 705

Project nº 705

Support under the incentive system

Resistant and Coloured for Life


            Total eligible cost: 3,427,500 €

            EU Financial Support: 1,542,375 €

            National public financial support: 0 €


Summary of the project:

The project has anticipated investments which will allow for the increase in production capacity of the industrial unit of Ílhavo, whose acquisition of a set of new equipment using new technologies, necessary for the diversification of the existent range of products, would allow the company to add its levels of competitiveness.

The investment at hand consists of the development and the acquisition of a New Kiln for hollow pieces of porcelain, as well as development in an innovation laboratory for applying glaze to pieces (INOVLAB).

The project is based on innovative processes and products, where the most automated and most efficient kiln will allow for producing more resistant pieces and the INOVLAB will enable the use of new glaze techniques, as well as laboratory production of colour samples in order to optimize glazed product production.

The project under analysis aims to expand the production capacity of Vista Alegre Atlantis. This expansion should be translated in an increase of Gross Production Value at over 27%, which is intrinsically connected to the introduction of a new range of products with a differentiating concept, projected for the hotel sector.