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IDT - Project nº 3485 - DecorGlass

Project no 003485

Support under the incentive system

DecorGlass .: Decoration Techniques for Glass


           Total eligible cost:  EUR 895.252,76

            EU Financial Support:  EUR 596.041,33

            National public financial support: EUR 0


Project summary:


“DecorGlass - Decoration Techniques for the Glass” is a Research & Development project promoted by Vista Alegre Atlantis, SA (VAA) and the University of Aveiro (UA).


Within this project, promoters intend to overcome some of the current technical limitations associated with producing glass pieces, through the development of a new range of glass pieces of high added value, especially in terms of design, quality and safety, through research and development of new materials and decoration techniques.

The new materials and techniques to research/develop will allow Vista Alegre to introduce diversified products into its portfolio, meeting the characteristics that customers are looking for, particularly with higher added value, flexibility in design and food safety.

Development and investment in the project "DecorGlass - Decoration Techniques for the Glass", based on and supported by research into new materials and decoration techniques with a view to developing a new range of high added value glass products, was successfully completed in November 2018. During the project it was possible, among other outcomes, to obtain different formulations and reproducible shades of glass substrates using the development and incorporation of chromophore elements, increasing the range of decorative coatings applied by different techniques, optimizing the engraving conditions of glass substrate surfaces by laser beam and extending treatment solutions in order to reduce the levels of heavy metals leached. The success of the project has allowed VAA to build on its capacity to produce innovative, differentiating and safe solutions in a demanding global market in order to position itself as a leader in the sector.