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IDT - Project nº 3490 - CASA

Project no 003490

Support under the incentive system


            Total eligible cost: EUR 1.321.431,91

            EU Financial Support: EUR 774.905,83

            National public financial support: EUR 0


Project summary:


“CASA – Ceramic Alternative Strong Article” is a research and development project sponsored by Vista Alegre Atlantis, SA (VAA) and by Mota II Soluções Cerâmicas, S.A. (MSC).


Promoters intend to develop a new ceramic product with visual characteristics that are very similar to those of traditional stoneware, but simultaneously with significantly improved technical characteristics. As such, the new product will be based on a new formulation of stoneware paste having high mechanical resistance and low porosity, which will be stained and covered with a fully transparent glaze, and go through a single baking operation (single-fired), decreasing energy consumption levels.

The product must present high mechanical resistance, low porosity and less thickness than stoneware pieces (approximately 4-6 mm, similar to porcelain), providing more durability and enabling daily use as tableware articles.


The project CASA principally aims to develop new tableware products, with high chromatic richness, similar to faience tableware, but with sufficient resistance to be used under high mechanical and thermomechanical conditions.