Vista Alegre

IP - Project nº 23711 - CerexCor & CristalLux

Project no. POCI-01-0249-FEDER-023711

Support under the incentive system

CerexCor & CristalLux


Total Investment: 12.102.130,00€

EU Financial Support: EUR 5,378,458

National public financial support: EUR 0

Project Location: HEAD OFFICE (Zona Industrial De Aveiro-Taboeira-Esgueira, Aveiro)



Project summary:


The project “CerexCor & CristalLux” falls within the Vista Alegre Atlantis SA (VAA) strategy with focus on strengthening competitiveness conditions supported by new knowledge which allows for developing innovative processes that promote increases in productivity and efficiency and for marketing differentiated products, thus ensuring continuous growth of the company worldwide.


This project is based on innovation in processes having an operational typology in Diversification of Production and in Fundamental Change in Overall Production Process. Its goal is developing optimized and innovative production processes, making it possible to extend the Vista Alegre’s product portfolio, with intervention occurring at two plants, one focused on Stoneware (CerexCor) and another one on Crystal (CristalLux).

Thus, a new productive line of tableware in stoneware will be introduced in the CerexCor project, and changes in the manufacturing processes of the actual pieces of oven stoneware will take place. In both cases, colored pastes will be introduced in the production process that optimize production and promote differentiated products. Similarly, under the CristalLux project, focus will be given to more efficient production of luxurious crystal packages having a distinctive design and the highest quality, through implementing a new modelling technology "singlepass", which allows for producing unique geometric shapes and different thicknesses, with a view to obtain products centered on shapes and superior quality (differentiating and competitive designs).


An aim of this project is investing strategically in new equipment, adopting new technologies and developing new materials, which support greater flexibility and introduce several products of high added value into Vista Alegre’s portfolio.