Vista Alegre

IP - Project nº 33135 - NEXT 4

Project Nº POCI-01-0249-FEDER-033135

Project Designation NEXT 4

Support under the System of Incentives for Productive Innovation

Main Purpose Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Intervention Region of Ílhavo

Beneficiary Entity VISTA ALEGRE ATLANTIS, S.A.

Date of approval 29/01/2018

Start date 21/12/2017

Completion date 20/12/2019

Total eligible cost €5.314.500

EU Financial Support FEDER – €2.125.800

Project summary, Objectives, Activities and Expected/Achieved results
The project promoted fundamental changes in various production sections (design, pressing, glazing, polishing, firing, decoration), through acquisition of a range of new equipment and redesigning processes in an innovative manner, some of which did not exist in the porcelain sector, revitalising it and giving it added value.
Completed since late 2019, it can be said that the factory is already operating at full capacity with the fundamental changes to the production process that this project brought about. NEXT 4 thus allowed changes in manufacturing porcelain pieces - acting in all phases of production - resulting in the adoption of highly innovative sub-processes that brought relevant impacts on production, including the introduction of I4.0 in a factory as long-standing as Vista Alegre, which now allows for assertive control in the various stages of production. Vista Alegre is now more competitive in its production of porcelain pieces thanks to NEXT 4.